Video Settings that I am currently using for 720P HD video for upload to Youtube

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May 2, 2010
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After doing some searching around the web for the settings that different people are using to get a good quality video - - - the Project Settings that I am currently using for my 720P HD video for upload to Youtube using Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9 are:

Setting these Project Settings as the default to be applied to all project by using the Main menu (Project > Properties), will allow for the proper wide screen Preview display for editing.


HDV 720-30p (1280x720, 29.970 fps)
Width - 1,280 : Height - 720
Field Order - None(progressivescan)
Pixel aspect ratio - 1.0000 (Square)
Frame rate - 29.970 (NTSC)
Full-resolution rendering quality - Best
Deinterlace method - Interpolated fields


Master bus mode - Stereo
Sample Rate - 44,100
Bit depth - 16
Resample and stretch quality - Good


Here are the Render Settings I am using when Making a Movie (After settings are made, this is saved a Template to be used over and over):

Format - Sony AVC (*.mp4;*.m2ts;*.avc)
Stretch video to fill ourput frame size (do not letterbox) - CHECKED

For saving template - go into Custom after setting Sony AVC type

First Tab (Project) : Video rendering quality - Best

Second Tab (Video) :
Include video - CHECKED
Video Format - AVC
Frame size - (Custom frame size)
Width - 1280 : Height - 720
Profile - Main
Entropy coding - CAVLC
Frame Rate - 29.970 (NTSC)
Field Order - None (progressive scan)
Pixel aspect ratio - 1.0000
Bit rate (bps) - 5,000,000

Third Tab (Audio):
Include audio - CHECKED
Audio Format - AAC
Sample rate (Hz) - 48,000
Bit rate (bps) - 128,000

Fourth Tab (System):
Format - MP4 file format (.mp4)


A setting needed to ensure visual quality:

After you have edited, select ALL clips in the timeline and after Right Click, select Switches > Disable Resample. Disabling resample ensures that there is no ghosted images - especially when slow-motion is used.


A tip for figuring out what settings to use when first creating your Project Settings:

From the main menu select “Project Properties”, and a new dialog will pop up. In there, click the right outmost icon called “Match Media”, the one that looks like a yellow folder. From there, select one of the files you will be editing with, and click “open”. Vegas will now automatically fill up most of the project settings for you, after analyzing the video file you picked.

After it does that, you need to do a few changes manually to that dialog: For the de-interlacing option select “interpolate”, and for the Quality option select “Best”. You can save a new template with these settings, so each time you start a new project with the same kind of footage, you can just pick it from the list! So, after your project settings are set, click “Ok”, and edit as you would normally do. Save often.

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