Video Settings that I am currently using for 720P HD video for upload to Youtube

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    After doing some searching around the web for the settings that different people are using to get a good quality video - - - the Project Settings that I am currently using for my 720P HD video for upload to Youtube using Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9 are:

    Setting these Project Settings as the default to be applied to all project by using the Main menu (Project > Properties), will allow for the proper wide screen Preview display for editing.


    HDV 720-30p (1280x720, 29.970 fps)
    Width - 1,280 : Height - 720
    Field Order - None(progressivescan)
    Pixel aspect ratio - 1.0000 (Square)
    Frame rate - 29.970 (NTSC)
    Full-resolution rendering quality - Best
    Deinterlace method - Interpolated fields


    Master bus mode - Stereo
    Sample Rate - 44,100
    Bit depth - 16
    Resample and stretch quality - Good


    Here are the Render Settings I am using when Making a Movie (After settings are made, this is saved a Template to be used over and over):

    Format - Sony AVC (*.mp4;*.m2ts;*.avc)
    Stretch video to fill ourput frame size (do not letterbox) - CHECKED

    For saving template - go into Custom after setting Sony AVC type

    First Tab (Project) : Video rendering quality - Best

    Second Tab (Video) :
    Include video - CHECKED
    Video Format - AVC
    Frame size - (Custom frame size)
    Width - 1280 : Height - 720
    Profile - Main
    Entropy coding - CAVLC
    Frame Rate - 29.970 (NTSC)
    Field Order - None (progressive scan)
    Pixel aspect ratio - 1.0000
    Bit rate (bps) - 5,000,000

    Third Tab (Audio):
    Include audio - CHECKED
    Audio Format - AAC
    Sample rate (Hz) - 48,000
    Bit rate (bps) - 128,000

    Fourth Tab (System):
    Format - MP4 file format (.mp4)


    A setting needed to ensure visual quality:

    After you have edited, select ALL clips in the timeline and after Right Click, select Switches > Disable Resample. Disabling resample ensures that there is no ghosted images - especially when slow-motion is used.


    A tip for figuring out what settings to use when first creating your Project Settings:

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    Thanks Robert - now bookmarked.