Vic: a model shoot @ Erindale park, Mississauga

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  1. sabesh

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    Took an assignment on short notice (1/2 hour). My m4/3 gear was already packed. So, just for kicks, I decided to try out this mini system in the acid test: model shoot in a setting with a young model, tall trees, bright sunlight and harsh shadows. My PWs don't work on Olympus, so I went with an on-board flash with a Demb diffuser for fill. In haste, I forgot to take along a reflector, but used the shadows to work into the pictures instead.

    Taken @ Erindale park (Mississauga, Ontario) with an Olympus E-P2, Leica macro elmarit 45/2.8, Panasonic 20/1.7 & Olympus FL-36R flash. In hindsight, I found the Elmarit to be too sharp and had to soften all images from it. I generally don't post production work in public, but I haven't seen a model shoot done with this combo before, so these might help someone looking into this particular gear. Click on pics for access to larger sizes and EXIF info. Cheers.







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    Excellent work! My next purchase will be the Leica Elmarit 45mm, it is a great lens. I'm very happy with the 20mm 1.7, I carry this lens w/GF1 all the times. Now my Nikon D700 stays at home more often.
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    Feb 11, 2010
    Model Shoots - my specialist chosen subject.

    Some great images there and interesting to see m43 used for it. Its one of the reasons I am tempted to get a G1/GH1 (so I can use hotshoe for trigger and have a VF).

    My chosen weapon for this style of shooting is always going to be the heavy SLR gear, but there are a few locations I have used where a smaller camera might have come in handy.

    Nice to see its up to scratch though.
  4. sabesh

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    I hear ya. My DSLRs stay home in between paid Gigs now. I use the E-P2 all the time :) Thank you.

    Thx Craig. I just wanted to see how a m4/3 system works out in the field. Once I get my triggers, there will be no reason NOT to use an m4/3 camera for a location model shoot, as the targets are static, so AF isn't an issue. I'll be using flash, so high ISO performance isn't an issue. @ a location shoot, I like to incorporate the beauty and/or details of the background, so isolating the subject isn't a priority (narrow DOF). The only things that will be missing related to a DSLR shoot is better DR, better Bokeh, IMHO. That being said, I won't be making a habit of shooting production gigs with my E-P2 :) I love my Canon prime lenses too much, lol (85L-II & 24L-II). Cheers.