Very content with my m4/3 setup

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    Aug 15, 2011
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    It must be about 7 or 8 months since I sold all my 4/3 kit and went solely m4/3.
    I never really had any doubts about changing and I'm very pleased I made the switch.
    I find the m4/3 gear just perfect, an excellent combination of size, quality and useability.
    The G3 is a great camera and the more I have used it and got familiar with it the more I like it, the IQ is excellent and I like the ergonomics, there are a few little niggles that could be fixed with a firmware update but I've got used to it now so not really bothered anymore.
    I have only m4/3 lenses, the 9-18 is a lovely little lens, so compact and lightweight and excellent IQ, far better than you would expect, I mean really good, well impressed. Same with the Lumix 25mm 1.4, a very good lens, not just because it's sharp and fast but it adds a certain character to the images and I'm always pleased with the quality of the shots I get when using it.
    The Zuiko 14-150 is a lens that performs better than it should for a lens with such a wide focal range, at the wide end it really is very good, it softens as you zoom but still takes respectable pictures and is such a good compact walkabout lens I just can't bear parting with it.
    The Lumix 100-300 is also very good, sharp and detailed a great telephoto lens.
    My next purchase to add to my collection will be another lens, I'm waiting for the expected Zuiko 60mm macro or the Lumix 35-100, don't need both but will decide once / if they are released.
    For anyone contemplating venturing into the m4/3 world I can absolutely recommend it, I don't want for anything else, no other system is tempting me in the slightest, m4/3 does everything I want in a perfectly sized package.

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