Vermont Forests (With the 75mm)

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    Continuing my tradition of being woefully underequipped, I present some single-lens work from a hiking trip to Vermont (Stowe to be precise). I can thoroughly recommend both the place -- Vermont is beautiful -- and the idea of shooting with a single lens only.

    For this series, all images were taken with the E-M5 (still my wonderful workhorse after many years and trips) and the newly acquired Olympus 75mm f1.8... Weird choice for a forest hike and mountain climb, right? You be the judge!

    As ever, full size images (and a few more) available on Flickr... I hope you enjoy!

    The first few are from the trek through the forest to the peak:
    27525648565_7bd9b47ac5_c.jpg Forest Floor: Path by Dan de Kadt, on Flickr

    26917065624_00d0dd61c5_c.jpg Forest Floor: Shadows by Dan de Kadt, on Flickr

    27432334562_b30a801ee2_c.jpg Forest Floor: Fern by Dan de Kadt, on Flickr

    27531279745_b9e3db1df0_c.jpg Forest Floor: New Growth by Dan de Kadt, on Flickr

    And now two from the peak:
    26902179543_aca00bd55b_c.jpg From Stowe Pinnacle #2 by Dan de Kadt, on Flickr

    26917547084_1684becaaf_c.jpg From Stowe Pinnacle #4 by Dan de Kadt, on Flickr

    And one of my companions, for good measure:
    27525649265_e153cb7abd_c.jpg Hikers by Dan de Kadt, on Flickr

    Thanks for looking :)
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    Sometimes being 'woefully underquipped' is just the right recipe for finding a magic sweet spot and expressing a consistent vision. I think you have managed to pull it off here: congratulations.
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