Variable magnification / telescopic extension tubes?

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  1. Does anyone make one of these, or something that can be used as one of these, for MFT?

    I'm thinking of something similar to -

    * the Telescopic Auto Tube 65–116 for Olympus OM -

    which with the right lens (the 135?) designed to be used with it, still allows infinity focus, and has a tripod mount on it ( :inlove: ), and doesn't need a stage/some delicate leather bellows, or

    * the Vivitar 2x Macro Focusing Teleconverter -

    which has glass in it and is a really neat toy, acting as a 2x teleconverter on any lens while retracted and still leaving you with the ability to focus to infinity, and by turning the ring you can change magnification smoothly from 1:20 to 1:1 on a standard 50mm (different lenses more/less).

    What happened to these as, well, as a thing? From using the Vivitar one I can only guess they were too awesome to live?
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    I don't recall these two specific products but I do recall there was a third party telescoping extension tube way back before all the electronic components appeared in modern lenses (the 80's). These electronic free tubes were very expensive for the time period and I honestly don't recall any reviews in the photography magazines (pre-internet). Your ability to even find these two is surprising. Keep up your search and please post your results here.
  3. I don't have the Oly one - there are currently 3 on keh -

    and keh also have a few of the compatible lenses (135 f4.5, 80 f4, 38 f2.8) for not insane prices. Don't recall the 20mm being at all cheap when I last saw it on ebay, though, and IIRC it's well past 1:1 magnification at the lowest on that tube - link says 5.8 to 8.3:1.

    I do have the vivitar 2xMFTC one though, which is pretty common, pretty cheap (apparently expensive when it came out) and pretty great. Tried it today on my freshly repaired Vivitar S1 90 2.5 today, and the 135 2.8 Close Focus, both of which have enough resolution on them to begin with to make it worthwhile.

    Viv S1 90 2.5 - just a couple of flashless daylight shots, wide open, done as straight out of camera style shots via oly viewer 3. Not at absolute maximum magnification here - couldn't do more because the wind picked up and the light disappeared and then it started spitting rain pretty much as soon as I started :( -



    earlier samples of it on the 135 2.8 CF -
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    I have a M42 adapter with a built in Helicoid extension tube which sounds like what you're refering to. My set are marginally to long for infinity focus with the lenses I've tried so far - they might be OK with long focal lengths as my measurements make them only 0.1mm too long! I have seen other sets that claim to give infinity focus & might even end up getting some if I can't skim a touch of my current set.
  5. There's a manual scan here -

    of what the 2xMFTC does - different example lenses with their min/max magnification at closest/infinity focus at max on the tube are listed on the last page. I've also tried it on the E.Zuiko OM 200mm F4 and the results are ... uh, not fantastic. The main issue I think being that the lens (or my single coated copy anyway) doesn't really get going sharpness/aberration control wise until about F8 to begin with, and adding another 2 stops (plus loss from extending the tube all the way) from the converter, plus the m43 crop doubling the length/effective aperture again, and you have something that really struggles to hit usable shutter speeds hand held :D

    Some wide open samples of it here -
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    I have both of those. Didn't ever use the Viv macro focus 2X much and never on digital so can't comment. I remember that it gave decent results but not up to the Oly macros. However I really like the 65-116. I have the 135 and 80 macros which both give smooooth bokeh. Also have the Close-up Lens 80mm Macro f=170mm for use on the 80. The 135 will stop down to f45 which gives a pretty deep DOF at the expense of diffraction. Still it's useful if you don't want to stack. I'll see if I can dig up some examples. ...
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    When I tried the links before my stupid work PC had issues (now I can read them)
    I have 2x macro focusing teleconverter and a 3x 'clubman' version too. Not yet tried either on µ4/3 but I have used both on APSC. These were designed to be used with the then standard 50mm primes & work reasonably well at least if you bear in mind the usual limitations of teleconverters.

    The 'auto tube' looks like a fairly standard helicoid extension tube, though one of the longer models available. In the past these were fairly rare but chinese manufacturers are now making generic ones in a range of different screw fits (I've seen M42, M52 & M65 models in multiple length options). Normally they won't give infinity focus, for that you either need to use a suitable focal length bellows lens (which has no focusing control itself) or you need on built into an adapter where it's short length is no more than the difference in flange distances for the mounts concerned.

    IMO hand held macro at any significant magnification is going to need added light however you get your magnification.
  8. Of course of course, just, I had real trouble getting light on subjects with the 135mm 2.8 CF with the 2xMFTC, let alone taking on an even longer MFD and extra stops on the 200 F4 :D. Start running into stuff like 1/250 RC sync being uncomfortably close to the minimum shutter you can get away with too.

    I mean - ideally - there would be some kind of MFT native thing that was

    * able to restore infinity focus, adjusted for its own size while retracted - whatever the minimum optics are required for that to cover a given reasonable range of base lens focal lengths

    * able to telescope and extend to decrease mfd/increase magnification by a lot

    * had a tripod foot on it :D

    For me the Oly Telescopic Auto Tube starts off a bit too extreme in terms of minimum tube distance and costs you infinity on all but one lens (that then only goes to 0.45x at maximum extension anyway), and the Vivitar teleconverts to something that is a bit extreme on longer lenses (and loses 2 stops before you even start extending it). Something in between, smaller, able to be mounted closer to the center of mass between the body and lens if needed, less extreme TC, more range in the telescopic extension tube part - that would be perfect. I mean, I would buy one.
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