Vancouver visitors who return every five to six years

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    The snow owls returned to Boundary Bay this year as they do every five to six years when their food supply crashes in the north. This was the first day that it snowed, so I headed out to grab some shots. So had everyone else, as the owls were spread out in front of the Dyke's crowds which numbered in the hundreds.

    Unfortunately, the sun was behind the owls so the detail is in shadow. The bonus is the great rim lighting effect that the back light creates.

    As I lined up with hundreds of other photographers, I was glad that I had my G1 as it mates very well with the Canon fd 300mm 2.8 lens and 2X Canon extender. Since the dyke is a good 150-200 feet away from the birds, you need to have significant reach. Each time one of the birds moved, the Canikons fired at their 8-11 frames every second which seemed a little overkill!

    These shots are at 1200mm, iso 400, with the lens stopped down to f5.6 (f11 with the multiplier)

    Snow Owl Portraits
    These birds are covered in feathers, particularly noticeable around their eyes and beaks.

    They have ferocious talons and the ability to swivel their necks 360degrees

    The younger birds have pronounced black feathers
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    William B. Lewis
    Like that top one best. Got that sideways "target in sight" look to him. You're a potential meal & the only question is if you're worth the fight :rofl:
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    great shots gscara