Vampire in the Wood

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    Newchurch-in-Pendle is well known for it’s history of Witches and Witchcraft. Maybe not so much with Vampires! Well, what can I say. Artistic licence, and all that.

    Meet Sarah Hillier, a good friend of mine, and fascinated by anything remotely vampiresque. Mind you, best not to mention anything about twinkly fairy like vampires, such as those featuring in the recent Twilight series of films. Sarah is a traditional, died in the wool, classic vampire fan. Blood, gore and definitely bad looks!!!!
    Mention twinkly stuff, and you’ll likely get a good kicking!

    Anyway, the weather was kind to us, and was suitably wet, cold and miserable, which is great! So off we went, into the woods that are near my home trudging along the mud path, until we found a suitable clearing.

    First thing was to find the ambient level within the clearing, which was roughly 1/30th sec f5.6 at ISO800, which dropped a little further into the distance and off the path. I didn't want to lose too much of the ambient, but I did want to lighten it a little more, so as to pick up more detail. The darkness between the trees in the distance would add to the atmosphere, if I could light a fair amount of the wooded area to maintain interest.

    First job was to set the main lights. Frame left, and pretty much in line with Sarah, is a Godox Witstro 360 at 1/8th output, firing through a dedicated beauty dish with the grid fitted.
    A second Witstro 360 was placed frame right, and again almost in line with Sarah. Another gridded beauty dish was employed, and again the power output was set to 1/8th. Originally, the accent light from the second Witstro wasn't as strong as I had hoped, so I moved the stand a little nearer Sarah, rather than increase the power output, which was the other option.
    The third Witstro was a 180Ws model, firing through a 120cm folding Octa, via a custom (bodged!) S fit adapter. This was again set to 1/8th output, and even though the distance is greater from our subject, the light isn't hampered by a grid. It was placed to my immediate left and the head (centre of the Octa) was around five feet hight.

    If you look closely, you can see the landscape is also lit in various parts. This was done with a further seven speedlights of various brands, all at settings between ¼ and 1/8th output, firing through stofen type domes to aid spread.

    All lights were triggered using a mix of Godox and Yongnuo receivers via a piggyback technique.

    1/60th sec ISO 800 f4.5
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