UWA photography on Micro 4/3s


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Jun 21, 2010
Hello and good evening everyone!

I'm having the think about the (ultra) wide angle lens situation, and wanted to share my thoughts and hear those of others.

Now we have two good zoom lens options and lots of great images online taken with both the lumix G 7-14 and m.Zuiko 9-18 but hardly any with the 8mm prime.

Not that this is suprising, as the 8mm has drawn a number of raised eyebrows as an unexpected gatecrasher.

I have surfed flickr and our own galleries here and have pretty much made up my mind that the 9mm end isn't wide enough for me, and really appreciate the extra 2mm of the Lumix.

However - I know from experience I would only use a UWA on rare occasions, and then I would only use the 7-14 at the widest end of its range (having previously used a 16mm, and liked it).

So - where I had never really considered ever using a fisheye lens before, I got thinking, since wonderful things can be done in photoshop; would the 8mm prime be sufficient? It's smaller, cheaper and faster than the 7-14 zoom, and almost as wide. Without any sample pictures from it however it is difficult to asses its capabilities beyond the "novelty" factor.

Basically I would like to hear from anyone who has done a fisheye > rectilinear conversion or used the 8mm fisheye lens for still photography (I shall not be shooting and skateboarding videos).

It is a tricky position because almost all of my common sense pushes me towards the m.zuiko 9-18, however when I look at the 7mm sample pics, I know 9mm would not satisfy me when I needed it; and I wouldn't be using this as a walkabout lens anyway.

Thanks for reading people, and looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


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Feb 12, 2010
San Diego, CA
Fisheye is very different than UWA. If you're looking to turn the fisheye into a regular image, you'll have to chop off quite a bit of the image, and do a fair amount of corrections for distortion and barreling. You'll end up with something resembling 14mm, which defeats the purpose IMO. I'm not into fisheye lenses for that reason, and I've never quite liked the novelty effect of fisheyes. Perhaps one day I will =).


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Apr 24, 2010
Auckland, New Zealand
What about panorama?

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