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Aug 22, 2019
Frankly my initial reaction is you have a nice kit for a handlebar bag and I wouldn’t do anything. My bike kit is a GM1 + P12-32 and PL15 for indoors. I have a Ulanzi carbon graphite mini tripod with a decent ball head I grab when I think I’ll need it. I lack reach, not a pressing issue in my urban setting. I sold my P45-150 for a song. A lens you might consider if that's sufficient extra reach. It a surprisingly decent lens.

I have the reasonably compact GX9 and the P14-140. Too heavy, too big, unwieldily in my reasonably large Arkel bag. I’d feel the same about most of the suggested zooms.

You might consider if a tripod makes sense. Provides stabilization for indoors. Carry it in a tube if you have spare bottle lugs. The only other way you’re going to get it on a wide zoom is IBIS and that’s a larger body.
Jun 1, 2013
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I would love something in the f4-4.5 range that compliments the 12-100. 75-250 or something.

I'm having a hard time justifying carrying anything longer due to overlap and the crop quality of the 12-100 up to 150ish.
Try the 12-200mm, it sure covers a lot of range.


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Jun 20, 2015
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Try the 12-200mm, it sure covers a lot of range.
As he said, he is finding it hard to justify a longer lens due to the high quality of the 12-100 PRO. The 12-200 is not near the quality of the 12-100 so while it may cover a lot of range, if it still sucks compared to cropping the PRO shots, it ain't worth carrying around.


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Feb 25, 2021
Try the 12-200mm, it sure covers a lot of range.
I debated this one quite a bit before I picked up the 12-100.

I had been using the 14-150 II for an all in one an realized I was really missing the 12mm and that I tended to shoot at 14 more than 100+.

Based on that I decided to give the 12-40 and instantly fell in love with the image quality I was getting. I had paired that with the 45-175 and whatever focal length prime I was feeling. I was happy with that 3 lens combo for pretty much anything I needed. Covid delayed a planned 1-2 year round the world trip and during that time the wife and I decided to do as much local exploring as possible. On days we weren't just casually wandering and had an agenda, I felt I was slowing things down a bit too much changing lenses. Coupling that with Minnesota winter, I was often just using the 12-40 for the convenience and weather sealing.

That lead me to the 12-100 vs 12-200. It seemed the 12-100 was right around the 12-40 in image quality and that's what drew me to it. It's been the most versatile lens I've used on any system and I am exceedingly pleased with it. I was still carrying the 45-175 with me, but found myself very rarely using it. I considered buying the 40-150 Pro an 1.4/2.0 converter and just leaving the converter on, but coupling that with the 12-100 makes for a whole lot of lens for my purposes. A smaller, lighter Pro lens that compliments the 12-100 is the dream for me.

Looking at the lens map, I think it's more likely to get a compliment to the 12-45 and maybe some sort of 40-150 Pro refresh? I've decided on what I'm bringing on the first leg of my trip coming up in October. If I find I'm really missing something, I'll be back over Christmas to spend it with family before hitting the road again. I figure I can order something to my parents house and pick it up over the holidays if I really need.

Apologies for the stream of consciousness. Tldr; I very seriously considered the 12-200, but after shooting with the 12-40 I really hoped the image quality of the 12-100 would make up for the difference in range and I feel like it does for me.

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