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Oct 2, 2013
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Given that Panasonic seems to like "updating" some of their lenses (20/1.7, 14/2.5) rather than giving us new ones (150/2.8), I wouldn't mind seeing Panasonic update their 100-300 lens. I don't think the optics need refreshing (I get very sharp images from my lens), but I would like to see the AF updated, as well as the OIS (go from Mega to Power, as it is their new and "better" OIS system). I really think the AF needs to be addressed, because when shooting in burst mode with the 100-300, the frame rate is noticeably slower than lenses like the 35-100.

I was shooting at an autocross yesterday with the 35-100 and 100-300, and the difference in frame rate was quite obvious between the two lenses. The 35-100 was able to easily deliver the 5 FPS with AF-C that the G6 is able to deliver, however once I switched to the 100-300, that rate dropped (not certain exactly how much it dropped, but it seemed to be around 3 FPS or so).

Panasonic, instead of giving us useless cosmetic upgrades with lenses like the 20mm and 14mm, why not actually update some of your lenses to work with newer and higher performance cameras (the addition of DFD for the GH4, paired with a higher frame rate for this lens would make it quite the lens for sports and action shooters). While the new 20mm and 14mm lenses look better than their predecessors, I'd rather get updated lenses that deliver superior performance, not aesthetics.


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Aug 12, 2012
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While I agree it might be nice to have an update to the 100-300; an update might not give you the frame rates you think they might.

Fast glass is not fast just because you can use a faster shutter and get the same volume of light given the larger aperture. It's also faster because of the available light that reaches the image box before the shutter is pressed and the aperture is closed down to whatever you have it set to. On a bright day this might make very little, if any, difference. The difference in poor light can be noticeable.


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Feb 17, 2014
I agree and sincerely hope this is on their roadmap - but I'm hoping they do a refresh like they did the 14-140 lens, i.e. a little smaller, a little lighter, a little faster, a little sharper.

Of course, if they want to make an X version with say, a constant f/4, then...

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