Up and running with new E-P1 - Tiny Review


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Just thought i would pop up a little review of the Oly E-P1 that i bought this week.

Well it's probably the most stylish camera i have ever seen apart from Leicas! It is much nicer to hold than the GF1 and the images are certainly up to scratch! Not had much chance to get out there to use it but I'm sure it will get well used over the next few weeks. The menu and functions seem easy enough and i have had no problems so far. I have the 14-45mm lens from Panasonic and i'm on Firmware 1.2. The focus seems pretty quick to me but will hopefully be better once i have updated the firmware.

Here are a few pics with different lenses. I have a M42 Adapter kicking about somewhere!

1: Panasonic 14-45mm
View attachment 144884

2: Olympus 28mm f2.8 Manual focus
View attachment 144885

3: CCTV lens 25mm f1.4 C mount
View attachment 144886

and just in case you were wondering what the CCTV lens produces....
View attachment 144887


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Good to see you are up and running Andy. :thumbup:

All you need now is the Pany 20mm, then you have a match made in heaven. :tongue:



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Hi John

I have just updated the firmware and the focusing is super fast!!!

Yes I'm going to get a 20mm ASAP!!! I had one with my GF1 but i sold it as i never intended to get a E-P1 but I'm SO glad i did. It's just like the GF1 but much cooler! :biggrin:


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Congrats Andy and I love that very "through the looking glass" photo of the tulip. Was the caterpillar nearby blowing smoke rings?:biggrin:

Or is that a yellow poppy, which would be even more appropriate to Alice in Wonderland's world?