Unsharp Mask vs Deconvolution

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    This compares the Unsharp Mask and RL Deconvolution sharpening methods in RawTherapee on a particular image. The differences are subtle. To appreciate them I think you'll need to instantly compare aligned images. I do this with IrfanView by rotating the mouse wheel. You can also open each image in its own browser page and switch between them with mouse clicks. The first image used unsharp mask and the second deconvolution.



    The first image has more fine detail. But the boat is sharper in the second image and better stands out against the softer water. Although I enjoy exploring images like this to investigate details, I think I prefer the second image because it better isolates the central subject. If this image were dramatic, I think deconvolution might enhance the drama.

    Occasionally I use deconvolution to eliminate the sharpening halos unsharp mask can cause (for example, https://www.mu-43.com/gallery/data/500/P0012102.jpg). But I never realized it could be used for creative purposes.

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