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    [ February 1948 ]
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    A mechanical computing machine form the 1950's, there were quite a few variants of this from companies such as Liliput, Sennebogen, Curta and others - some were like typewriters and others looked more like hand powered coffee grinders.
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    OK, now I'm intrigued. When I saw the image I thought this was some sort of lens.

    What sort of computation would this thing have been used for?
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    [ Curta canisters 1948 to 1968]

    all pictures GF1 with lumix 20/f1.7 - collage with photoshop
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    arrived from johannesburg



    [ I love slightly colored b/w pictures ]
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    Wonderful shots. The love the design of the machines. Thanks for sharing this gem.
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    I like the design of the machines. Really amazing and nice stuff. Thanks for sharing.
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    We used to use them in Road Rallyes (Time-Speed-Distance Rallyes)
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    Curta's were very common in the world of automotive rallying. Back in the day, rallying was more about precise time and distance (e.g., arriving at the end of the stage within seconds of the planned time, rather than in the shortest time).