Two X Four Kids Walking by

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  1. Robert Watcher

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    Going through files from the past year in Nicaragua - - - I came across a series of four sequential shots that I took while holding the camera still from the other side of the street.

    First the girl went through the scene and I shot as she entered and then halfway through. A few minutes later a boy walked through and I attempted to time him so that I would shoot towards the middle and then as he left the scene.

    Fortunately the positioning on the kids was perfect so that all I had to do was align the 4 frames (opened as layers from Lightroom) in Photoshop and then paint on a mask on each layer to reveal the person underneath. Each child was interleaved in a great spot in the final image.



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  2. T N Args

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    Dec 3, 2013
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    call me Arg
    Masterfully done, and an effective image, ...but your style is photojournalism, Robert.
  3. Robert Watcher

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    HeHe. :th_salute: :biggrin:

    Actually I hope that my style is "having fun". :wink: Kidding aside - thanks so much for your nice compliment.
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    Excellent - I love it! I particularly like the B&W treatment. Very creative. :cool:
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    Follow your dreams and realize your vision.
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    Very cool composite image. Thanks for sharing and for the walk through. :)
  7. drd1135

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    Is his style "photojournalism" because he makes up images that never happened? :hiding:

    That's well done. I would never have the patience to set that up.