two weeks in vietnam and a week in cambodia

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    May 8, 2015
    have been back for a couple of weeks now and still have a ton of photos to go through but have done some quick edits on about 60 photos now

    just wanted to share a few (all photos taken with olympus em1 and 12-40 f2.8 lens)

    one of the quieter side streets in Hanoi:

    22904839305_d8c5a2c433_b.jpg vietnam_-3 by Tom McKee, on Flickr

    sunset in halong bay, was curious what the building was but haven't found an answer:

    22172111959_5913c23c6b_b.jpg halong bay (1 of 1)-5 by Tom McKee, on Flickr

    sunrise in halong bay, so many tourist boats but at the same time it was quiet and peaceful

    21736617484_02a481a10c_b.jpg halong bay (1 of 1)-8 by Tom McKee, on Flickr

    early morning halong bay, local fishermen would sell their catch to the tourist boats, the seafood was fresh and so good

    21737863943_814f3c5d32_b.jpg halong bay (1 of 1)-6 by Tom McKee, on Flickr

    after hanoi and halong bay, we took a flight to hoi an and spent several days there

    21800771404_c61dd00248_b.jpg hoi an (1 of 1) by Tom McKee, on Flickr

    not only was there a huge market of seafood and vegetables to walk through, we also saw plenty of people walking through the old town selling as well

    22235896928_1df8d4da7d_b.jpg hoi an (1 of 1)-3 by Tom McKee, on Flickr

    one very small section of the market

    22901084400_5eb0a1bf6d_b.jpg the market, Hoi an by Tom McKee, on Flickr

    Also took a motorcycle tour in Hoi an, was a blast.
    after hoi an, we flew to saigon/hcmc and took several day tours -

    mekong delta tour

    22659018409_8262625de2_b.jpg mekong day tour-5 by Tom McKee, on Flickr

    there's a lot of poverty in these countries and the mekong delta tour showed us a lot of makeshift housing along the river

    22632858998_8ca92356e4_b.jpg mekong day tour-4 by Tom McKee, on Flickr

    we went out to one of the islands near Can Gio island (monkey island) and while we couldn't go to monkey island due to rival packs of warring monkeys, we were able to see a pack of wild monkeys on the nearby island (can't remember the name)

    the pack leader gets the bananas, but the others still savour the peel

    22910492345_ebc24b2de5_b.jpg banana peel (1 of 1) by Tom McKee, on Flickr

    the monkeys are curious, and I was able to get a few shots while they were watching us

    21923763774_a3e3e422c6_b.jpg shy monkey (1 of 1)-2 by Tom McKee, on Flickr

    22526142691_eeb6b5746f_b.jpg quiet contemplation (1 of 1) by Tom McKee, on Flickr

    flew to phu quoc and spent 3 nights on the beach, plenty of squid fishermen at night and the night would be lit up with green or white lights from the boats trying to draw the squid to the surface (we're told, never done it myself) Most of the time was spent relaxing, but I did snap a few quick photos here and there

    22567535134_44418f50cd_b.jpg phu quoc fishing boats by Tom McKee, on Flickr

    I haven't done much with the photos from cambodia yet, but on the second last night we stayed in the mekong bungalows, on the river across from phnom penh and got a front row seat to a storm and some fishermen pulling up their nets in the downpour about 20 feet in front of us

    22567987443_81c9719a3d_b.jpg pulling up the net, phnom penh by Tom McKee, on Flickr

    22916569721_78426d1cc9_b.jpg fisherman in the rain by Tom McKee, on Flickr

    was an amazing trip. Went to the killing fields in phnom penh and that was a rough day, also saw angkor wat and the other temples there, however the typical angkor wat photo wasn't possible as around 500 photographers were standing around the small pool at 5am waiting for the sunrise and there was no way I could get in there and get the shot I wanted.

    will remember this trip for a very long time, so much different than anything I've ever seen before. Plenty more photos to go through.
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    Feb 28, 2012
    Shenyang, China
    a fantastic set. the monkeys look really human-like
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  3. Islesfan91

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    May 8, 2015
    thank you! There's some work I'm still going to do on several of these photos but I needed to get some quick edits done to show family and friends, it was an amazing trip.
  4. noohoggin1

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    May 21, 2012
    wonderful pics, I've been there 3 times now (family)!
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