Two Things I Like About the GX7

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    My first digital camera, the Canon G2, had a tilt+swivel viewscreen. I got quite used to that feature. But from the time I first upgraded from that camera, I never had another tilt-screen on any camera. Then, one day I upgraded from my Panasonic Lumix GX1 to the GX7. Even though I don't have a swivel screen that I could flip all around, I have found having the tilt screen to be a great benefit for being able to have the camera "off-axis". I also have found that every once in a while, the WiFi remote control functionality is super-handy, being able to control the camera with my phone from a moderate distance.

    So I thought I'd share a few examples of how I've taken advantage of these features. All photos were edited with Aperture then Silver Efex Pro 2. You can click on them to see the larger versions on flickr.

    “Sullivan in Black and White”
    This is a picture of my barber's dog. He laid down on the floor near my feet and I happened to have my camera with me. The sun was coming in, and lighting him quite nicely. So I tilted the screen out so I could see it from above, set the camera on the floor, composed the shot and pressed the shutter button. Super-easy, super-stable and I didn't have to get down on my chin to catch the shot. On flickr, this is my most viewed photo, with over 10,000 views (the majority of my 800+ photos don't have 1,000 views).

    “Shades of Faith” (330/365 [2013])
    When I was taking photos for a 365-day project in 2013, I was at a local park that had a pond which had largely frozen over. Thinking myself rather clever, I got the remote control app up and running on my phone. I attached a Joby Micro Hybrid mini-tripod to the GX7 and set it down on the ice. Then I stood on the ice out in front of the camera. A few adjustments later and I had a fun selfie of sorts.

    “Shades of Bass” (333/365 [2013])
    Just another remote selfie, this time with the GX7 on my main tripod. For this, I used the 10 second self-timer because even though I could compose the shot, I still had to click the shutter and quickly put the phone in my pocket and look somewhere other than down.
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