Turf cutting with Sigma 30 in Irish midlands

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    Oct 18, 2012
    Ciaran Reilly
    I spent last Saturday on the bog saving turf sods for fuel. It's a popular summer pastime for us midlanders :smile:, not sure how widespread it is elsewhere?

    Turf cutting by Ciaran C Reilly, on Flickr

    The work is quite tough, and I've been nursing some very sore limbs the days since :frown:. Sometimes, the scenery can be stunning and interesting, like here, the highest hill in the background is an extinct volcano! The foreground shows sods ready for stacking, or footing as it's called around here, while the exposed peat face is in the mid ground, this is where the material to make sods is harvested from. I hope that I'm not explaining the obvious too much, I think it's interesting though!!

    Turf cutting by Ciaran C Reilly, on Flickr

    The peatlands are fairly absent of interesting fauna apart from flies, but the flora is very interesting, and depends very much on the nature of the peat present and how it accumulated. There are Wikipedia links to more information under each picture in Flickr.

    Turf cutting by Ciaran C Reilly, on Flickr

    The Sigma 30 was just about the perfect focal length for here, not too wide or not too tele. I also think the out of focus in the last picture is very pleasing, if exaggerated on my part!