Tungsten Light Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Lighting Forum' started by Wasabi Bob, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Wasabi Bob

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    Need some suggestions. I'm looking for recommendations on tungsten lighting that can provide 5500-6000K for a small studio I'm building. Going to be used for shooting static products - no live subjects. I'm thinking about building a movable horizontal light bar over head. Definitely no CFL bulbs as they can't provide the spectral purity I need.

  2. Just Jim

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    Oct 20, 2011
    Altmann are cheap and solid for your big focusing fresnel, and check out westcott for their cheap light bank kit, for your fill, floods, banks, etc They come with the lamps boxes or umbrellas depending on what you want. Also if you want a nice soft box for your mono, westcott apollo mono softbox. BTW Tungstens are usually in the 3200 kelvin area.
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    There are none. There used to be some blue Photofloods, but these never achieved anything bluer than about 4500-4800K, depending on line (UK translation: "mains") voltage. Like the 3400k Photofloods they were based on, these had a rather short burning life (~3hrs) and tended to shift color a bit as they aged.
  4. Wasabi Bob

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    Try this.

    Imatest - The Imatest Test Lab

    Actually I found just what I was looking for. Several years ago I built the system shown at the link above. A few of the light modules failed, and Home Depot no longer carries the same style, that accepts the SoLux bulbs. I called Imatest and they finally found another source.

    SoLux makes bulbs at 5000K that work very well. They've been tested at a CRI of 98. For my requirements, this will allow me to add on to the previous ones I built.

    Imatest's software is used by virtually every camera manufacturer, so their endorsement of this lighting solution says a lot.

    Thanks to those who responded!
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