Trouble with EM5... possible user error

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by Christopher, May 15, 2015.

  1. Christopher

    Christopher Mu-43 Regular

    Oct 8, 2011
    I should preface by saying that I shoot predominantly automotive so I don't know how much interest there will be here...

    That said I own my current Olympus EM5, Panasonic GF2, and Canon 5D. For automotive things I typically use my trusty 5D with an 85mm attached. Recently I thought I'd try one of my shoots with the EM5 and the Olympus 45mm 1.8 and ran into a problem.

    Shooting only part of a car everything is nice and sharp, in focus etc. When I put the entire car in the frame and take the photo it's as though the lens is back focusing or something because the subject is no longer in focus. Now I understand it could be me, but if so, what is happening here? With the 5D I focus with the center AF point and compose. I do the same with the EM5...

    Is there any known problems about this combination of body and lens I am unaware of? User error? Settings that are suggested?

    Here's a couple photos of mine to sweeten the pot... Thanks in advance for any help.

    17194227095_380e9fbdf3_b.jpg Bryan's Rocket Bunny FRS by Chris Johnston, on Flickr

    15771203554_062c8fe650_b.jpg MINI MOTO LAB by Chris Johnston, on Flickr

    15577964645_f5e770fd68_b.jpg Misha 2.0 by Chris Johnston, on Flickr
  2. wjiang

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    It might be the lens/body combination playing up for some odd reason. Theoretically this shouldn't happen with CDAF! I've had this happen with my old E-M5 and 45mm combination, where with the smallest AF point it ends up back focussing repeatedly on the same problematic subject, and re-engaging S-AF didn't help. It happened very rarely, and disappeared as soon as I rebooted the camera or switched lenses out. Never happened with any of my other lenses either, nor on the GM1 when I had it, nor my current GM5 and E-M1.
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