Trouble in the camera bag

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by gary0319, Jul 23, 2015.

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    I was afraid of this, darn.

    Last night I heard some strange sounds coming from my camera bag in the closet. Upon checking closer, it seemed that something was sobbing in there. I opened it up to find my sweet Olympus E0M10 with tears streaming down her LCD. I didn't know what to do, she has always been such a happy camera, full of joy and laughter. This was really disturbing to me, so I took her out and cradled her in my lap and asked what was the matter. Was she feeling sick, "Nope", was she injured. "Nope", more sobs and sniffles.

    Finally I got her settled down a little and she told me her story.........

    All was going just fine when it was only her and The Panasonic GX7 in the bag. GX did the big lens stuff and the videos and she did all the rest. Even though she and GX weren't kin, they got along just fine. And then.........more sobs, I brought home that trampy little PL7 with the, the, the....SELFIE SCREEN.........."WTF" (not like her to use harsh language). And then I added the Oly E-M5II to the bag and her best friend, GX, was gone. And M5II (who I found out insists on being called "Big Mike" has lorded all over her, and prances around showing off his fully articulated screen (she tries to avert her viewfinder) and proclaims it too does selfies (more sobs, sniffles, and tears) .

    Well, I once again calmed her down, took out a clean cloth and dried off her sweet, if simple, tilting, but non-selfie & non-articulating screen. Then I put in a fesh battery and put on her favorite lens, the Oly 25, 1.8 Prime, and took a few snaps to make her feel better.

    I told her she would always be special and after all, she had a pop up flash that neither of the other two had (smile on the screen). That Big Mike was there to do the heavy lens stuff just like GX did (she doesn't really care much for that Panny 100-300 anyway) and that the articulating screen was there just for the video chores, which she admits isn't her strong suit. And that PL was really her little sister and would need her guidance, even if she was a little tarted up.

    Anyway, she seemed better and I put her back into the bag and things seem to be OK, for now.

    Boy, what will happen if I get a GM1???
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    Sounds like a trip to the therapist for her may be in order.
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