Tripod Test/GX7 Shutter Shock

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by oldracer, Oct 8, 2015.

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    Oct 1, 2010
    There's a tripod thread presently winding down that provoked me into doing a little testing. The objective was to see if I could use the GX7's shutter shock to differentiate among the three tripods that I own. IMO all three are of very good quality and are very solid.
    • Benro Travel Flat Carbon C2192, 29mm largest leg diameter
    • Gitzo Aluminum Studex G320, 32mm largest leg
    • Original Marchione TiltAll Aluminum, 32mm largest leg
    The Benro and the Gitzo were topped with an Acratech GP ball head. The Tiltall has an integral pan/tilt head.
    The test setup was this:
    • Panny GX7 with 100-300mm lens zoomed to 300mm, no mounting collar.
    • Tripods set up on a concrete floor
    • Manual exposure and focus, same for all photos. Shutter at 1/50th.
    • Shutter released by timer, set to 10 second delay
    The result display:
    • Includes all photos shot; no cherry-picking
    • Highest resolution portion of the test target, displayed at 400% (4 screen pixels per image pixel) in Lightroom. Zero sharpening.
    • PrtScreen image cropped in IrfanView
    • Leftmost six images shot with the electronic shutter
    • Rightmost six images shot with the mechanical shutter
    Here ya go:
    My conclusions:
    • The test setup seems to be OK. All six electronic shutter images are essentially the same.
    • Shutter shock does show up in this extreme (600mm 35mm equivalent focal length) but it is not dramatic.
    • Shutter shock appears to disturb the camera in both vertical and horizontal directions, which is somewhat of a surprise.
    • The big Gitzo does the best job managing the shutter shock, with the Tiltall and the Benro very close behind.
    • I am a little surprised that the TiltAll does not equal the Gitzo, since in terms of size they are essentially identical. I have no way to measure tube wall thickness but the TiltAll is about 8 oz. lighter than the Gitzo with the Acratech head. So it may well be that the TiltAll tubing is thinner. This is a 50 year old tripod and a machinist's work of art, but it could be that the industry has learned something about tripod construction since the TiltAll was designed.
    • I am not going to lose a lot of sleep over shutter shock effects.
    Your conclusions and comments?
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    Jan 11, 2013
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    My conclusion? - use the electronic shutter if at all possible.
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    Oct 8, 2015
    But electronic shutter has a rather severe flaw of not being able to shoot moving subjects. My impromptu test of shooting an electric fan that was slowing down to the point where the individual blades were becoming distinctly visible with the G6, proved that the electronic shutter on the G6 was no better than the electronic shutter of a Pentax Q with a legacy lens.