Tried out a new bulk roll of Arista EDU Ultra 200

Discussion in 'Other Systems' started by KBeezie, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. KBeezie

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    Sep 15, 2012
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    Karl Blessing
    Having found a recipe on FilmDev.Org that used Microphen I decided to try the 1:3 dilution for 12 minutes at 68F (constant agitation first minute, one inversion every minute after) since I liked the sample results shown.

    The upside is I like the overall look of the film with this recipe.

    The downside is that it seems to have come pre-scratched (and it seems to be on the plastic backing side, and not the emulsion side). Seems to be a quality control issue with Fomapan 200 (the film that's rebranded as Arista EDU Ultra 200). It's not the bulk loader because I use an Alden 74 which has no felt and would only scratch the leader/tail when you close the trap door, and the cartridge is brand new (and I just double checked the felt on it), and the camera hasn't given any other rolls any problems. I already emailed B&H about it.

    Probably going to try to snip off a little length and develop it directly to see if the possible scratching is straight off the roll or if it was possibly introduced at any of the steps of development But this is the first I seen of non-linear scratching (showing up as black lines) doesn't seem to be from something like felt scrub/etc.

    I could normally heal/clone them out, but I intend on wet printing these with an enlarger.

    In the meantime the two 36ct Kentmere rolls I ordered with it (100 and 400) was shipped separately and incorrectly sorted by UPS and made it to Florida before they caught the mistake and redirected it back to Michigan, so will have to wait to try those out.

    Here are some scans.







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    Yeah, looks like mfg defect to me. I've not had any problems with the Arista EDU Ultra but I always use 100 or 400 and more 120 than 135.

    I'll be interested in what you find out as I'm watching for a Serenar 50/1.8 I can afford to get my Canon 7 back in action (though I did order a Jupiter 8 LTM from Ukraine but I'd rather keep it on my m4/3 adapter).
  3. KBeezie

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    Sep 15, 2012
    Grand Rapids, Mi
    Karl Blessing

    Yea I'm curious to see how they respond (especially since the 200 is now listed as "more coming soon").

    The reason I went with 200 instead of the 100/400, is because Fomapan 200 seemed to have more "character" from all the samples I saw, and uses an older tabular grain style of emulsion (ie: not quite as 'modern' looking as the 100/400).

    Was doing a little bit of googling in the meantime, mainly looking at reviews of Fomapan 200 since it's the same stuff, and it seems over the last several years they suffer from quality control issues, particularly with scratching on either bulk rolls or 120 film, like the polymer backing is weak. Almost wondering if most of the scratches (which shows up black, so would have to be white or light-bending when projected thru) are there before they even come off the bulk roll, or if they're just super-delicate, if it's the delicate nature I'm wondering if adding a hardening stage after the fixer would help anything.

    But what's confusing is when you look along the gloss of the backing it seems pretty normal like any other film, and with a loupe it almost seems like the scratch exists between the backing and the emulsion. Like it happened before they even coated it with emulsion. Not sure if it's an optical effect or if that's actually the case. But as you can see from a couple frames I got lucky on a couple. The only thing I cloned off the scan in photoshop were the actual dust particulates (which shows up white) if any stayed on in the scanner. I left the scratch-based imperfections alone to show what they looked like it's not likely anything I could ever get rid of in printing in the darkroom since you can blow dust off, you can't blow scratches off (if I was strictly scanning, I'd suffer thru it).

    Even my expired bulk roll of UltraTec orthochromatic film doesn't scratch like this and it's a very thin ektar base that's super easy to scratch.
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