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    Anne and I are heading back to our home in Nicaragua in a few days - and so we had to treat our Canadian Hosts to a wonderful evening and meal before we leave. They picked us up at the airport in Detroit, 3 hours from their home - gave us a comfortable place to stay for the past three months - and are returning us to Detroit for our flight back to Nicaragua.

    Their selection was the new and impressive Beach Street Station in Goderich, Ontario. It is remarkable the fine job the owners have done in transforming this old train station into a desirable restaurant. The outdoor patio, faces the beaches and setting sun of Lake Huron.

    All photos taken with the Olympus E-PL5 w/14-42 kit lens




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    Taking this photo after our meal, was comical. The street was very busy with a steady stream of cars. The perch for my Olympus E-PL5 was a park bench on the other side of the street.

    Taking the shot with a 12 second shutter release required precision timing in figuring out when a car would not be in the shot - - - plus it took me about 10 seconds to run across the street and find my spot.

    Everyone was watching the theatrics and enjoying. From the other side of the street on different occasions, people looked down onto my camera screen after I would leave the camera abandoned - the odd one giving me a thumbs up. Most important it worked.


    Before heading home, I accommodated everyone wanting to get a photo of the lake and sun setting, with their iPhones. While they did that, I took shots of them.

    I'm not a person who likes taking or looking at pictures of sunsets - but I did include a couple as they are more people shots. For the last shot, I set my 12 second timer self-triggered camera, on the board walk and joined the others. It turned out pretty nice really.



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