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    Mods - feel free to move if this isn't the correct forum. But is about Travel, after all. ;-)

    Two years ago my lovely wife and I went away for a full month, and I - of course - packed an appropriate photography kit. That kit was centered on a Nikon D7000, used a V1 as a backup, and included seven lenses: the Tokina 11-16/2.8, Nikon 16-85/3.5-5.6, 70-300/4.5-5.6, 35/1.8 and the then-complete three lens Nikon 1 kit. I had the requisite filters, a Gitzo 2541 tripod and ballhead, batteries (shared between the two cameras!), cleaning stuff, straps, SD cards, etc. It completely filled a 22" Tumi rolling carry-on bag, and the tripod and some other odds and ends wound up in my checked suitcase.

    Shortly we'll be taking another long trip, which will have a slightly lower photographic focus, but nonetheless I'm taking a full kit. But now it's m43-based, and the size difference is extraordinary.

    Cameras: E-M1, GX7, three batteries and chargers for each (this is the only "larger" component as they obviously don't share batteries)
    Lenses: 9-18, 12-35, 40-150, 17/1.8, 45/1.8
    Carrying gear: TT Hubba Hubba Hiney, TT Skin 50, two OpTech wrist straps, one OpTech shoulder strap, Spider Black Widow Holster
    Tripods: Me-Photo Backpacker, Manfrotto tabletop
    Filters: 58mm CP and VND, step-up rings 37-58, 46-58, 52-58
    Misc: extra SD cards, cleaning stuff, Apple camera connection kit, etc.

    The whole kit, with the exception of the Me-Photo tripod, fits into the TT HHH and Skin 50. We've hashed over the pros/cons of a DX DSLR ad nauseum, so I won't repeat that, but:

    - I get two fully functional, great cameras sharing exactly the same lens kit rather than one great camera and a step down in the V1.
    - The lens kit is, on balance, more functional than the DX/CX kit I had last time, with the sole exception of the reach I had with the 2.7 crop for the 70-300 on the V1. Having a fixed 2.8 mid-range zoom is more useful than the wide angle I had last time, and the two 1.8 primes trump the single one I had.

    I'm not bringing my square grad filters, as I found I didn't use them that much and can more than make do with HDR techniques. The tripod is clearly a compromise and no one will convince me it will perform at the same level, but I'm anticipating more cityscape and street this time rather than landscape, so it will do.

    I know we all know instinctively that this stuff is smaller, but the aggregate improvement is just amazing. The smaller size of the core gear - camera and lenses - leads to smaller bags, smaller filters, smaller support, etc. I don't even need a rolling bag for the airport.
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