Transfer mp3 and files to iPad/iPhone effortlessly/wirelessly

Robert Watcher

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May 2, 2010
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One of the big bugaboos related to IOS devices, has been transfer of files between the tablet or phone and laptops or towers. Especially there has been a frustration trying to get mp3 files moved or copied, without having to rely on iTunes and the copyright issues involved in that process.

For about 3 years I have been using an incredible FREE piece of software for all of my file file management on my iPad and iPhone. I love structure and everything in one place - and that is exactly what I get from Readdle Documents. All of my PDF, word, text, zip files get dumped into appropriate folders that I have created - and all formats can be read from inside Documents. Nice and simple.

Many features have been added over the years that make Documents even more versatile. Integrated in the side menu list are access to most common cloud services like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive etc. Also FTP so that I can access and transfer files to and from my server.

One of the nice newer features is Wi-Fi Transfer. Click on that link and a screen shows up with the camera to capture the QR code from the provided URL. There before me is the folder structure of my laptop - Mac or PC. Drag and Drop to your hearts content.

The other day I transferred a boatload of music files that I have had for years, over to my iPad. Obviously iTunes can’t be used to play the music files, but no worries because Documents has very nice audio and video players built in. In fact Documents has its own integrated web browser, which allows to download videos into Dropbox - that only play when downloaded through the normal browser.

Best thing is that Documents is fully functional and the is no bombardment of advertising like there normally is with FREE apps. BTW it is also available for Android devices.

Now that I am set up on my iPad/iPhone with the incredible video editing software LumaFusion, Documents is even more useful for managing all of my assets and transferring them wirelessly between devices. If you weren’t aware of Readdle Documents before, I hope you find it useful if you choose to give it a try.

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Jul 6, 2016
I am missing something -- why can't iTunes play your MP3 files?
Tools like this make it easy to get data on and off of your phone/tablet wirelessly.

Apple doesn't make this super easy to do if you aren't using their icloud service.

I have not used this tool but I have used used, other, similar services.

For me, eliminating the need to use the desktop version of itunes and be able to wirelessly transfer data directly from my phone to my network is a great benefit.

For photos, I am currently using PhotoSync because it can easily copy files directly to my NAS or sftp to them to my PC. It isn't free though.

I will check this one out as well. Thanks!
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