Showcase Tou Five Star 35-70 Zoom

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    I bought this as a parts lens, because I needed some little screws to put into another lens. I paid a bit too much for its intended use. The lens was $5.99 with $5 shipping but it came in a sturdy cardboard box full of foam peanuts, with a 55mm Toyo UV filter. I can re-use those.
    P4280740 (2)-2.jpg

    It turned out to be a nice looking lens, a push-pull zoom in Pentax K-mount. Since I had a K-Adapter, I decided to try it out.

    It's not a bad lens, although a magnified view of the 3rd shot would show that the right side is de-centered.

    I'm now reluctant to dismantle it just for screws. I have a Pentax K1000 film body that I was thinking of taking on my summer road trip. I'll shoot a few rolls of film and recapture my days of youth with a 28-85 zoom on my Olympus OM1.

    As for those screws, I will pull apart my Tou 80-200 zoom. Now that is a lens I'll never miss.
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