Torino with the E-P5 and primes

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    Went to Torino (Turin), Italy for work and had a few days to play. Took my E-P5 and my 17/1.8, 45/1.8 and 75/1.8 (okay, I did take the 14-42EZ as a "body cap" but rarely used it). It was my first trip to Italy and I had a great time photographing the people and sites. I flew into Milan and drove to Turin, but first stopped at a cathedral with an interesting ossuary. Shot with the 17/1.8.

    15682250856_ca9fe649b9_b.jpg Milan-4 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    Walking around Turin was a photographer's dream. Lots of interesting people to photograph, and many people had their dogs.

    Reading on the park bench, taken with the 75/1.8.

    16132831408_0c15e1ddea_b.jpg Turin people-2 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    Lady addressing the crowd, taken with the 17/1.8 (cropped)

    15682671646_ecd888ce2f_b.jpg dogs-3 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    Waiting for someone, taken with the 75/1.8.

    15806790505_4ba64ea4cf_b.jpg street scenes-33 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    Street performer taken with the 75/1.8.

    15783134546_f1ac2e8ddb_b.jpg street scenes-36 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    And another street performer, taken with the 45/1.8.

    15621919100_e6af8120eb_b.jpg street scenes-24 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    Of course, the architecture was gorgeous. One of the many plazas, taken with the 17/1.8.

    15620960309_04b11305bb_b.jpg street scenes-29 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    Waiting in line for the National Cinema Museum (to see a Sergio Leone exhibit), taken with the 45/1.8.

    15621915380_f3580a8924_b.jpg street scenes-23 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    The National Cinema Museum, taken with the 17/1.8.

    16134624517_532f8c2cf6_b.jpg Turin bldg-1 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    View from the top of the Museum taken with the 75/1.8

    15807043105_c5c3447f78_b.jpg National Cinema museum-6 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    Inside the Museum dome, with the elevator extending up through the center (quite cinematic). Taken with the 17/1.8. This was one spot where I wish I had my 9-18.

    15187618933_370cb90559_b.jpg National Cinema museum-14 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    The Basilica Superga overlooks Turin from the mountains, though it was too hazy on my visit for a good view of the Alps. Taken with the 17/1.8.

    15805800331_bfc907d7a0_b.jpg Basilica Superga-1 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    The view from the top was still nice, though somewhat limited. Taken with the 17/1.8.

    15805827041_062b7e4e93_b.jpg Basilica Superga-8 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    The small spiral staircase lead to the top, and back down. Luckily, I didn't pass anyone either way. I'm not sure we could've passed. Taken with the 17/1.8.

    15187767144_29d3ea52e8_b.jpg Basilica Superga-13 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    The interior dome was gorgeous, as usual. 17/1.8.

    15784072206_4630c8f236_b.jpg Basilica Superga-15 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    It was a little chilly so a nice refreshment picked me up. 17/1.8.

    15783155876_1a66e355dc_b.jpg street scenes-43 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    Back in Turin, the Royal Palace was a feast for photography. All taken with the 17/1.8.

    15748197701_50323bd713_b.jpg Royal Palace-5 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    15130148654_aed2a08996_b.jpg Royal Palace-8 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    15130710473_d415f49692_b.jpg Royal Palace-10 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    15564722968_8b84e83ac9_b.jpg Royal Palace-20 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    The palace also housed the Royal Armory. 17/1.8.

    15746562312_5a471fc66c_b.jpg Royal Armory-3 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    The armor for horses seemed especially interesting. You can almost see the terror in this horse's eyes. 17/1.8.

    15743128771_380b2e05d5_b.jpg Royal Armory-9 by fortsonre, on Flickr


    15721337386_b472def2ed_b.jpg Royal Armory-11 by fortsonre, on Flickr


    15125116524_9001c246cb_b.jpg Royal Armory-20 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    This guard was at a private wedding in another palace building. He patiently waited for my photo since there weren't any wedding guests around. 75/1.8.

    15150888843_517aafb3af_b.jpg street scenes-16 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    And a few more random street scenes. 17/1.8.

    15771823622_53680f3a18_b.jpg street scenes-2 by fortsonre, on Flickr


    15584849878_e4fa692195_b.jpg street scenes-4 by fortsonre, on Flickr


    15584438019_c5707d1636_b.jpg street scenes-5 by fortsonre, on Flickr


    15746583666_82a27a82c2_b.jpg street scenes-10 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    UPDATE - this is the only shot taken with the 14-42EZ.

    15621621207_048c58d877_b.jpg street scenes-39 by fortsonre, on Flickr

    All in all, the lenses worked great and made for a nice small kit. Typically, I'd go out with one lens on the camera, and the other one or two in small pouches clipped to my belt. A few times 17mm wasn't wide enough for me, so maybe I should look at the 12/2. The 9-18 is pretty small, but not as fast. Anyway, I rarely felt like I was lacking for equipment, which was nice.

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