Topaz DeNoise 6 on sale til March 20 . . .

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    At least in the USA. I got an email today saying that with the coupon code of NOISEFREE, I could buy the latest version for $49.95 (I assume, US dollars!). the email said the coupon code was good till March 20, 2016. I already have it because version upgrades so far have been free to licensed users.

    But if you are looking for some way to handle problem noise, this is a good way to go!

    Topaz DeNoise

    Here's an article I wrote comparing Topaz Denoise 5 with ACDSee:
    Glen Barrington - My Dynamic Range: Topaz DeNoise Presets vs ACDSee Ultimate 8
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    I downloaded a free trial of it and compared it to Lightroom 6's noise reduction software, along with what is in Exposure X, which I also own. Exposure X was definitely the worst IMO, but I only use that piece of software for color and tonality in my images. I really didn't see a difference between LR6 and Denoise 6. If there was a difference, it didn't justify the disruption in my work flow and the additional cost.

    From what I've read and seen, if you want noise reduction that's significantly better than what's offered in Lightroom, PRIME NR in DXO Optics Pro is the way to go.
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    In the link to the article I wrote (above), I came to much the same conclusion for normal everyday noise control. for light duty use, I don't feel there is a need for anything beyond what ACDSee offers. The Topaz presets are both an aid and a velvet trap. While the presets provide a most adequate noise control, they don't encourage users to explore the rich control set (and the excellent tutorials from Topaz) available to them to get the best results.

    Where I feel Topaz shines, is in problem noise. The ability to control noise exclusively in the red and blue color channels, and the ability control black levels is a real aid in NR.