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    Pro photojournalist and now wedding photographer Ryan Benezier has been introduced to the E-M5 - purchased one - and has very favourable things to say about it in his recent August 23, 2012 blog post.

    Particularly valuable info is the confidence he has in the Auto Focus system - accurate and locks on in barely any light. He informs us that he IS a big fan of EVF, and really enjoys using the one built into the E-M5. It allows him to see far more easily in darker conditions. He states that he cannot wait for professional DSLRs that have a similar EVF option. He is a Nikon D3s user.

    Review: Olympus OM-D E-M5 » Ryan Brenizer — NYC Wedding Photographer. Problem solver, storyteller.

    Enjoy another one.

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    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!
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    great article thanks for sharing
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    +1 - Thanks!
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