toolchain wise - how exactly does ca correction from pana lenses on oly bodies work?

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    So. I shoot raw only, on a PM2 and E-P5, and use Olympus Viewer 3 > tiff > lightroom/perfect effects.

    Does CA correction for a panasonic lens in lightroom work on an exported tiff from Olympus Viewer 3 with exif passthrough, or only with a native raw?

    Does OV3 strip the CA correction info from exif, or just ignore it?

    Is there a way of convincing Oly Viewer 3 to correct CA if I do something like edit exif to show the raw as being shot on the EM1 or EM10 (or the E-PL7?) which apparently do now correct panasonic lens CA on OOC jpgs?
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    Aug 8, 2012
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    Very valid questions which I also would like to know.
    Hopefully someone out there can shed a little light on this subject.
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    Absolutely great questions.
    Subscribed for answers ... which may be doubtful ...