Today is Worldwide Micro Four Thirds Photography Day!

Discussion in 'Micro 4/3 News and Rumors' started by Amin Sabet, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Amin Sabet

    Amin Sabet Administrator

    Apr 10, 2009
    Boston, MA (USA)
    Today, Tuesday April 3, 2012 is the first annual Worldwide Micro Four Thirds Photography Day!:yahoo:

    Make sure you do some photography today, and share your pictures in the Flickr group we created for this event at

    If you don't use Flickr, post your WMFTPD pictures in this thread. Those of you participating in the Flickr group, feel free to add your images to this thread as well.

    Happy WMFTPD, everyone!:drinks:
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  2. Bhupinder2002

    Bhupinder2002 Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    Happy WMFTPD
  3. Minniesmum

    Minniesmum Mu-43 Veteran

    Mar 2, 2012
    It's poured down with rain here all day so mine will have to be indoor shots....:(
  4. bedojo

    bedojo Mu-43 Regular

    Mar 14, 2011
    :) got school and work all day, with a photo club meeting at night :p, have the gf2 and 12mm around my neck alllll day :p, I am so happy with the switch from dslr to m4/3 I actually bring my camera with me and use it daily.
  5. f6cvalkyrie

    f6cvalkyrie Mu-43 All-Pro

    Feb 12, 2010
    Brussels, Belgium
    I've just posted this pic to the group !


    Happy WMFTPD
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  6. jalex

    jalex Mu-43 Veteran

    Aug 24, 2010
    I posted these on the flickr group. Sorry for posting them twice as I posted them earlier to a separate thread.
    Panasonic GH2 + Olympus OM 50mm f3.5 macro lens
    <a href="" title="Easter Lily by ~Jane, on Flickr"> 6895941178_d4be33e679_b. "1024" height="1024" alt="Easter Lily"></a>
    <a href="" title="Easter Lily by ~Jane, on Flickr"> 7042038263_5caeef52e7_b. "1024" height="683" alt="Easter Lily"></a>
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  7. Bhupinder2002

    Bhupinder2002 Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    Happy WMFTD..Here are mine



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  8. ill_dawg

    ill_dawg Mu-43 Veteran

    Aug 26, 2010
    Test shot from my brand new 7.5mm fisheye, arrived just in time for mu43 day

    <a href="" title="ADAM0005.JPG by ill_dawg, on Flickr"> 7042364387_4dd588feee_z. "640" height="480" alt="ADAM0005.JPG"></a>
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  9. fredlong

    fredlong Just this guy...

    Apr 18, 2011
    Massachusetts USA
    I love the way WMFTPD just rolls off the tongue. ;)
  10. sprinke

    sprinke Mu-43 All-Pro

    Apr 5, 2011
    Pasadena, CA
    I was just browsing the pool over on Flickr and I see a lot of pics that were not taken on April 3. Is that allowed?
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  11. bedojo

    bedojo Mu-43 Regular

    Mar 14, 2011
    probably people just trying to get more view :S, but that is flickr for you, that is why i put mine in groups to try to get more view. kinda deffeats the purpose of group for the day tho :confused:
  12. Ramirez

    Ramirez Mu-43 Veteran

    Dec 26, 2011
    MFT candle...

    A candle shining for MFT this day :)
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  13. ripleys baby

    ripleys baby Part time philistine

    Aug 10, 2011
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  14. winnie123

    winnie123 Mu-43 Regular

    Feb 9, 2012
    London, U.K

    Typical...first rain we've had for weeks couldn't get out to do much :rolleyes:
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  15. cherrywood

    cherrywood Mu-43 Regular

    Dec 17, 2010
    Three Gables

    Shot with Panasonic G2/135mm 3.5 nikkor Q single coated lens. Shot yesterday as I can't shoot today. First time trying this lens, much better than i thought it would be.

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  16. chicks

    chicks Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Feb 1, 2012
    The Big Valley, CA
    Today's lunchtime walk around the parking lot with my E-P2 & Canon FD 28mm f/3.5.

    Sure signs of spring!


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  17. 0dBm

    0dBm Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Jun 30, 2011
    Western United States
    I like this one; however, it is just begging to be cropped at just above their knees!!:biggrin:
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  18. Amin Sabet

    Amin Sabet Administrator

    Apr 10, 2009
    Boston, MA (USA)
    It's an honor system. The pics are supposed to be taken on April 3, but there is no penalty for submitting pics from a different day. Maybe the camera is set to the wrong date :smile:.
  19. ill_dawg

    ill_dawg Mu-43 Veteran

    Aug 26, 2010
    New toys for mu43 day!

    here's my brand new oly 45
    <a href="" title="new gear for m43 day by ill_dawg, on Flickr"> 7042928247_9d82890fea_z. "480" height="640" alt="new gear for m43 day"></a>

    and rokinon 7.5

    <a href="" title="New gear for m43 day by ill_dawg, on Flickr"> 7042878017_a9eed3e05b_z. "640" height="480" alt="New gear for m43 day"></a>

    I wish I had had more time to play with them today, had to meet my parents at the bus station at 4:30am, then work later in the day. I'll be getting some mileage on them next week, though. Going to Bucharest, Transylvania, and Istanbul with them (both parents and lenses). Should be good times.
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  20. dtchan

    dtchan Mu-43 Veteran

    Nov 24, 2010
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