Tips for Shooting Underwater

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    I figured a few folks here might have some tips to share ;)

    I only snorkel with an E-PM1 and housing (bought during the Oly blowout) and really not that often. There are times I've wanted a strobe but I simply can't justify the price for the small amount of use it will get.

    I ran across an Oly system chart for the E-PL5 and they listed a flash diffuser for the built in flash PTDP-EP05 and it looked like it would work well with the E-PM1 housing. This is the diffuser: Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 7.49.09 PM.

    Without the diffuser the built in flash is essentially useless:


    With the diffuser the results are pretty impressive:


    you can see the diffuser reflected in the monitor.

    I hope this saves someone a $ or two at some point.