Time to upgrade from the 75-300


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Apr 24, 2018
SF Bay Area, California, USA
I was shooting with my 75-300 at the high school baseball and softball games, and I was not happy.
The zoom ring did not turn easily and smoothly. That made it hard for me to easily zoom from wide to follow the ball, to tight to the player catching the ball.

So the question now is: to get a MC20 for my 40-150/2.8 to get me to 80-300, or get the 100-400?
The MC20 is the cheaper option by far, and is what I am leaning towards.
I would be interested in hearing from those of you that have both configurations.

I would also be interested in hearing about a comparison of the ease of turning the zoom ring of the 40-150/2.8 vs the 100-400.
update: I found my answer in Tom Stirr's article. He said the zoom ring on the 100-400 is very smooth, but noticeably stiffer than the 40-150/2.8. Probably because the 100-400 is an extending zoom, so you have more mass to push out.
Tom also works the zoom ring like I do my Nikon 70-200/4. :biggrin: Tripod collar on the hand, and thumb and fingers working the zoom ring.
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May 15, 2016
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While not really answering your question i can give you my thoughts on my perceived upgrade from the panasonic 100-300 to the oly 100-400
You have to take into account that i have no real skills handling a long lens, just my experience so far.

I found the panasonic 100-300 very nice to use. With the dual IS one does not need any skills to use it (with a compatable panasonic body to dual IS) with my lizard photos down to about 1/60 or on a had day 1/125 shutter speed very easy and i can swing the camera around very quickly and not have to think about steading it when taking the next shot.

With the Oly 100-400 i have to keep the shutter speed up high and not swing the camera too quickly. Like i said i am no birder and dont have any skills with these lenses. I need at least 1/500 with rhe Oly and still subjects for reliable results

The Oly rings are smooth to use. Tom Stirr mentioned he held the tripod collar to help stop the rotation slop (for lack of a better word) that a few people have commented on. For some reason Oly have changed the hole in the lens mount for this lens. Instead of a slot they made a round hole and put little inserts in to make it a slot. Only after a few mounts of the lens these inserts show what I call bruising that could end up giving some slop in the mount.

The Oly 100-400 is a bit sharper to me than the Panasonic 100-300 and apart from the lens mount hole I really like it. But for my lizard shots the Pany will have to be my go to untill i get some more practice with the Oly lens. But with Covid looking like not letting me travel again this year, not much incentive to use the Oly lens as i dont have any use for the extra lenght presently.

After using the Oly 12-100 i dont rhink too much for the 100-400 stabilization but it does hold the image steady making it easy to frame up, just not as good as my Pany combination for low shutter speeds.

I also own the Oly 40-150 pro and 1.4 TC. I find that a great combination. It does soften the image a little but not too much. But I miss the stabilisation I have wigh the the Pany combination so i sacrifice some IQ for ease of use. From what i have read it seems the Oly 2x TC may be sharper than the 1.4, wish i had one to try. I agree with Tom the rings on the 40-150 are very smooth, it is an all round very good lens.

If you have the funds I would say get the Oly 100-400 as it sounds like you have a good use case for it.
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