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    May 10, 2011
    I usually don't write reviews or comment on service, but on this occasion, I think I should:

    My E-pl2 was just 2 weeks old when I cracked the LCD cover. Image my pain! I figured it would cost and arm and leg to fix (not a warranty item), but since the camera was so new, I just had to get it fixed. I called Olympus customer service and was told I had to send in it just to get the estimate - the model was too new; they've never done the repair before.

    So I sent it in and waited for their estimate... and waited ... and waited. Finally I gave up and emailed customer service about its whereabouts. I was then told it was sent off to New York for repairs! What? Without even giving me an estimate? Well then I started to hope. I've heard that sometimes with new equipment they'd consider it "broken in the box" and fix it for free. A few days later I got an email saying that the product was approved for repairs and that the cost would be $0.00! I immediately called the Repair Centre to confirm this and was told they did it as "courtesy". I was ecstatic!

    The camera is back with me now and working like new. As you can imagine, I'm so much more careful with it now :)

    I know it was a long story, but just felt it had to be told - sometimes people forget to give praise and positive feedback when due. Great Job OLYMPUS!
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