Three sorts of impossible dreams


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Jan 17, 2018
I'd like to be a M4/3 shooter. Go all-in with M4/3. Sell my Leica Q to fund a second-hand small body like E-P5 plus a big overseas vacation. Shoot tiny, excellent, lightweight glass like Panasonic 14/2.5 and the 12-32. Abandon my dreams of becoming a master manual focuser and surrender myself to the more-than-capable autofocus mechanisms of modern cameras. And my camera bag would be so light! I'd own the small sensor and prove every hater wrong. Have that absolute gem of a 35-100 f/4-5.6 which stabilises with IBIS very well down to tenths of a second no matter the FL. Fight the poor diffraction limits on the lenses, poor ISO noise perf and the slight lack of tonality larger systems retain but overall the images are "good", considering how little I paid for all this, and I don't need better IQ, I keep correctly telling myself but never believing...

I'd like to be a Leica M shooter. Ditch my Oly and perhaps keep the Q but use an M as my main driver. Practice manual focusing like hell trying to become the ultimate manual focuser, the fastest lens in the west. Hoping some day real human intelligence beats artificial one in real life shooting scenarios. Regardless of those hopes stick to focal lengths below 50 because can't get reliably focus-recomposed sharp images with anything longer. Underexpose everything by a stop to protect the ever brittle highlights and suffer the noise the old CCD sensor (because can't afford anything built within the last decade) gives me when I push the expo in post. Rob a bank to fund all this, or alternatively focus on vintage Leica glass. Develop back issues because the brass is worth it. Shoot an Olympus six months every 2 years when the Leica spends quality time at Wetzlar being readjusted.

I'd like to be a Fujifilm shooter. Noticing how fondly I regarded the X100T and M43 not quite delivering the quality of tone I want to I aim for the compromise between M43 and M. Shooting badass weather sealed bodies all day with great bodies that are really designed for an enthusiast photog in mind. When the time comes to pixel peep the images I curse to myself how the lenses cost as much as good-condition second-hand Leica M glass but having none of that 3D pop goodness and there's the X-Trans shenanigans to boot...

You know what. Can't be happy no matter what :)

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