Thoughts on E-M5 II Pro Kit

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by mrcultureshock, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. mrcultureshock

    mrcultureshock Mu-43 Rookie

    Hi all,

    I'm thinking about adding Olympus to my Panasonic kit (GH4 + 12-35mm). I love Panasonic but I'd like to do aviation photography and the IBIS on the Olympus cameras and the Pro lenses really appeal to me. I'll keep my GH4 for video.

    I was going to buy an E-M1 but I found the following bundle:

    E-M5 II Pro Kit

    This seems to be an incredible deal and it's like getting all 3 M.Zuiko Pro Lenses and getting a E-M5 II for free. It's such a good deal that's making me think something is wrong with it :)

    For those of you who bought this kit, what do you think of it? Do you think it's worth it?

  2. wjiang

    wjiang Mu-43 Hall of Famer Subscribing Member

    It's a decent deal but I'm not sure it makes sense for aviation - surely you want a kit that has at least the E-M1 (it's C-AF is still the best by far for Olympus), the 40-150 and the MC-14?
  3. mrcultureshock

    mrcultureshock Mu-43 Rookie

    That's the dilemma. My choices are to go with the Pro kit and wait for the successor of E-M1 or get an E-M1 and lenses which means I'll be spending more money. I'm not a pro photographer so I don't need the gear right away. My thinking is to ge the Pro kit and wait for E-M1 II and I still come out spending the same money.
  4. gravijaflare

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    Aug 28, 2014
    A planet called Gaia
    how about getting that em5 II pro kit and then sell off the em5 II body to partially fund an em1 body? :)
  5. Clint

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    Apr 22, 2013
    San Diego area, CA
    That is a great deal IF you need and are going to use the three lenses, the camera body and the battery grip. And you get one of the most expensive virtually unknown camera bags thrown in!

    For aviation photography - I don't use IBIS when photographing aircraft in the air and the 40-150mm is too short for most of my inflight photos I've taken. As nice as IBIS is, I find the OIS of the Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8 to be very worthwhile.

    A rough decision - but it would have been a no brainer for me when I moved into m4/3s.
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  6. JYPfoto

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    Aug 27, 2013
    That's actually not a terrible idea, especially if you determine that the E-M1 is the body that you want. The E-M1 can be had for a great price, especially if you're ok with buying grey market, it's around $600-650 or so grey.
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