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    I was walking around a weekend flea market this evening and one person had a bunch of old metal SLRs on a blanket for sale. It got a lot of attention from passers-by of all ages. It got me thinking....I'm coming from the FF, crop and film (D)SLR world (mostly Canon) and I own an E-M5 and X-E1, it boggles my mind why neither Nikon nor Canon didn't step up to the plate with some form of one of these two cameras.

    I think the 5DII and D800 will be viewed as something special in the history of cameras. The EM5 and XE1 can be added to that list.

    I can't remember what Canon and Nikon's mirrorless models are called.
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    I'm not counting Canon or Nikon out just yet. Nikon/Canon will eventually trickle down full frame to the masses, and I think there is a still a huge market for them to do that. But once they exhaust the DSLR avenue, I can see them pouring huge amounts of R&D into mirrorless. It will happen.
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    I think that mirrorless is gaining traction week by week and as more high quality cameras appear I expect that Canon and Nikon will be forced to take the market seriously. Remains to be seen . . .
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