This weekends pull...looks to be a good weekend, despite the weather.

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    Mar 13, 2014
    Central Ohio, USA
    Living in Ohio, once late fall/winter hits, the weather does not cooperate. Luckily, armed with an OMD and the weather sealed 12-50, I was able to get out and do some work!!


    15775954207_697f99b28c_b.jpg Crafts and Candy Canes by gryphon1911 [A.Live], on Flickr

    15774272478_02cdf49a6d_b.jpg Balloon Animals by gryphon1911 [A.Live], on Flickr

    15339212844_cf1ec01e3b_b.jpg 88 Keys Piano Player by gryphon1911 [A.Live], on Flickr

    15774085408_1e2a70c824_b.jpg Cotner Christmas Tree by gryphon1911 [A.Live], on Flickr

    15339209364_a5ab173551_b.jpg Screw in Blue by gryphon1911 [A.Live], on Flickr

    15339204734_588976e9b1_b.jpg Vintage Light Bulb - Vintage Processing by gryphon1911 [A.Live], on Flickr

    15935700576_a4d6a1e8fd_b.jpg Who said I was a bum? by gryphon1911 [A.Live], on Flickr
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    I really like the B&W Xmas pianist shot.
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