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    Hugh Douche
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    Is this worth more than the Canon 0.95?
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    Its value comes from its rarity and the fact it has never been used. A new owner very likely wouldn't use it either.

    The lens was only available as part of a limited edition kit with a flash gun and a Konica Hexar RF body in titanium finish. I believe only 2000 were manufactured. That makes them rare, and a lens sold on its own is doubly rare.

    I used a Konica Hexar RF for some years in place of my Leica M7 body which was unreliable and had difficulty producing accurate exposures at 1/1000 sec. The Hexar RF has a 1/4000 sec highest shutter speed and is ideal if you want to shoot with an f/1.4 lens wide open in daylight.
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    Bordering on insane! :biggrin: :rolleyes:
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