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Does anyone have both makers and has stuck with both?

I was considering getting a second µ4/3 body, and the VF-2 is really sweet (checked it out at a local camera store).

So I was wondering if anyone had elected to have one body from each maker.

I know some of you may have decided to have other camera formats instead of a second µ4/3, but I'm intending this format to be the only one I use.

I was considering getting a blue EPL1 as the second body.


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shhhhh, do not repeat this to anyone.....
I'm a cross dresser....yeah it's a true fact....
I'm out of the closet.... I have an EP-2 and a G2..... I know, I know....
but I take meds so it's ok.....
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Just finished writing user guides to the E-P2 and the GF1. I had to buy all the equipment I wrote about in these book and like both cameras well enough to plan on keeping both of them.

My purchases included the following for the E-P2 include: 14-42 lens, FL-36R and FL-14 flash units, MMF-1 adapter, 40-150 FT lens, 70-300 FT lens. Third party corded remote, microphone adapter and stereo microphone.

My purchases for the GF1 included: 20 1.7, 14-140 lens, DMW-FL360, Panasonic EVF (forget its model number).

I also picked up some odds and ends such as a couple of small video lights.

Owning bodies from both manufacturers isn't as big a deal with MFT since the lenses and flash units can be interchanged (although I don't recommend using the Olympus flash with the GF1 since it seems to have problems being removed from the GF1 hot shoe.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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I have an E-P2 and a G1 but am selling both for a GH1. Prefer the dslr form factor and now will have still and video in one body - but yes they can co-exist but perhaps less so with the GF1.


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I had both, but the cost of buying both a GF1 and E-P2 within a month of each other was not going to go over well with the wife if I was fully intent on keeping both, so the E-P2 went back as the short end of liking one over the other by a slim margin.

I've been considering getting a second body (likely an Olympus to have something with IBIS) to have a second body fully compatible with all of the same lenses for those times you don't want to swap out repeatedly but need both, or for when the wife and I wander around somewhere somewhat separately.

I am waiting to see what the next generation of m43 cameras has to offer though. Ideally I would like to see Olympus do an SLR-like form factor ala Panny G2. With their entire DSLR line-up due for a replacement if not EOL'd entirely, I think it's possible. If it were a weather-sealed semi-pro body I'd soil my pants and light my wallet ablaze, but that's unlikely to happen in the m43 space.
I traveled with two Oly's this summer and liked having two bodies when shooting as much as I was on the road. Sold the epl1 and kept the ep2 when I got back but will no doubt buy another body before next major trip, whenever that is. And, depending on what's out there, I may well go for a gf-2 or 3 or whatever they have out. I already have the Oly's strengths in one camera - wouldn't mind the slightly quicker response and shot to shot time of the Pany for street shooting so I could easily see going for one of those as my next body. Paired with the Oly 17 it could be a really quick and compact little guy. And it would also work fine for the 9-18. I'd keep using the ep-2 for longer lenses and for low light shooting with the 20, both places where the ibis is an advantage.



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Right, I primarily got the E-PL1 so that I could get IBIS on longer lenses.

Plus, sometimes I'll want to have two lenses at the ready, and two cameras offers that.


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Wow, a pink GF1 and with katakana writing on the UV filter. Is the menu in Japanese as well? If not, where did you find a pink one?


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I'm happily using a G1 and an e-p1 :smile: Or rather, I would be happily using them if it would stop raining for a few hours...


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Wow, a pink GF1 and with katakana writing on the UV filter. Is the menu in Japanese as well? If not, where did you find a pink one?
It's a Japanese one, yes. It's hacked to have English menus. Picked it up on the dreaded (eBay) in August. You can still find them in pink (and white), but be sure to make sure the seller will hack it for you.

The filter is just one I picked up on the dreaded, didn't come with the camera.