Things broken on the site and other site frustrations

Discussion in 'Help and Feedback' started by Amin Sabet, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Amin Sabet

    Amin Sabet Administrator

    Apr 10, 2009
    Boston, MA (USA)
    Hi all,

    I've been the "technical admin" on this site since it was launched, and recently I've been unable to keep up. I was thinking I could catch up and continue to manage things, but recently one of my other sites ( was hacked, and I realized it is beyond my capability. On top of everything else, I have a new and demanding full time job, and my wife and I just had a baby (now exactly two weeks old).

    I realize that multiple things are either broken or suboptimal:
    - Difficulty posting photos
    - Review section broken
    - FS area needs some care (clearing completed transactions, etc)
    - iOS 7 support for our forum app
    - Thanks notifications

    Some of this happened as a result of new security measures I had to hastily implement after SC got hacked. Keep in mind that I am not a programmer. Everything I've learned about servers, security, forum software, etc, I've self-taught while trying to manage things here.

    The good news is that I've just hired a great professional team to take over all the technical work, and I anticipate they will be able to fix all the above issues, maintain site security as well as is possible, and overall improve the site experience for all our members. There will probably be some growing pains since they don't know all the mods/etc I have done here, but overall I am confident that they can do a better job than I have in keeping up.

    I get PMs and emails daily with requests, suggestions, etc. Unfortunately I can't reply to them all. I do read every single post here in the 'Help and Feedback' subforum on the site (usually within a few hours of their posting), and I can refer the professional team to these posts as well.

    So, good things are coming. Thanks for your patience!
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  2. Cruzan80

    Cruzan80 Mu-43 All-Pro

    Aug 23, 2012
    Denver, Co
    Sean Rastsmith
    Amin, is there a list somewhere of the other Moderators and Technical Support people? I know when I PMed you, I was trying to see if there was another moderator to check with as well, to share the burden of answering all those questions. Maybe this thread would benefit from a "If you have this problem, here are the people you can contact" list.
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  3. Hyubie

    Hyubie Unique like everyone else

    Oct 15, 2010
    Thanks for all the effort Amin. Couldn't be easy to find spare time with your work, kids, and a new baby! :) 
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  4. demiro

    demiro Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    Nov 7, 2010
    Amin, congratulations on the addition. Most of us could use that as an excuse to buy some new fast lens for low light baby shots or something, but I'm guessing you've already got that covered!

    It's great that you are getting some help, but make sure you are enjoying the baby. We'll survive a bit of suboptimal site performance.
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  5. Amin Sabet

    Amin Sabet Administrator

    Apr 10, 2009
    Boston, MA (USA)
    The best thing to do is post in Help and Feedback. I read every post here, and other mods keep an eye on this section as well. If it's a suggestion, we take it into account. If it's something broken, I will try to fix it. If it's a "how do I..." then usually other members can help too. Doing things by PM is really inefficient because if one member has an issue, I can guarantee other members will have the same issue.
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  6. pdk42

    pdk42 One of the "Eh?" team

    Jan 11, 2013
    Leamington Spa, UK
    Wow - does this site generate the revenue for a team to administer it?
  7. Amin Sabet

    Amin Sabet Administrator

    Apr 10, 2009
    Boston, MA (USA)
    Yes it does. It's not that there will be a team working full time to admin our site. It's a team of folks that offer professional maintenance for many forums. One person on their team will be the main one doing work on our sites, and it's probably one of many forums he is maintaining.
  8. Roger

    Roger Mu-43 Regular

    Jul 2, 2011
    Western PA
    You've done a great job. I have no idea how you have kept up with everything here, plus the other sites, plus your profession, plus time for your family. I'm glad your getting some relief.
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  9. Narnian

    Narnian Nobody in particular ...

    Aug 6, 2010
    Richmond, VA
    Richard Elliott
    Sounds like a great racket - wish I had thought of it. :biggrin:

    Growing pains are a part of success. You have done a great job on this site (and the others)
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  10. solidsnake

    solidsnake Mu-43 Regular

    Sep 23, 2013
    Bay Area, CA
    most of our colleagues work and monitor on forums with little or no pay at all. Its not an easy job considering the amount of time and dedication one has to give to this, and still cope with our real life aspects and of course work as well.

    Amin im sure a number of us would repeat what was already mentioned. This is a great website, and appreciate all the hard work and effort you and your team put into this community. There are a number of other places to go to, but this one seems to 'just fit right'.

    Nonetheless, i know and understand where you are coming from, its a great decision to find alternative courses of actions to address some concerns you and or your team are not able to work with immediately.

    Congratulations on your newborn. Real life events first. Nothing else matters more than that.

    I'd also like others to consider supporting our site, by monetary contributions or simply clicking on links associated with us, to help with the cost of maintaining our beloved community. For others, simply assist new colleagues and being helpful doesnt cost an arm or a leg.

    Once again, thank you for a great mu43 community.
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  11. Amin Sabet

    Amin Sabet Administrator

    Apr 10, 2009
    Boston, MA (USA)
    Thanks for saying this. It does help a ton with costs is when members use our affiliate links when making purchases on Amazon, B&H, etc.

    What really helps the most though is what solidsnake said: help one another, share photos, comment on other people's photos. That's what has made the site great, and a great site will pay for it's own costs one way or another.
  12. gary.l

    gary.l Mu-43 Regular

    Feb 16, 2013
    Los Angeles
    Your time is much appreciated, Amin. Thanks for having this site! It's been a great asset for me coming into the m4/3 world.
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  13. Robstar1963

    Robstar1963 Mu-43 All-Pro

    Jun 10, 2011
    Isle of Wight England UK
    Robert (Rob)
    Hi Amin
    Congratulations on the birth of your little one
    Well done in maintaining the site thus far so well and in such good order
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  14. xdayv

    xdayv Color Blind

    Aug 26, 2011
    Tacloban City, Philippines
    Amin, more than anything else, your time with your family and the newborn is first and above all. Thanks for all your efforts in maintaining this great online community. Keep it up! Godspeed.
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  15. jime

    jime Mu-43 Regular

    Sep 3, 2012
    Jonestown Texas

    Thank you so much for making this such a great site. This is my favorite site, unfortunately reading all the great posts has made me be way over budget in camera equipment.
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  16. drd1135

    drd1135 Zen Snapshooter

    Mar 17, 2011
    Southwest Virginia
    Your forums are among my favorite websites. Thanks for all your work and be sure to let us know when we can be of help.
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