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  1. Alf

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    Mar 23, 2010
    Northeastern Tuscany
    We've been in the sun for a while and still it shows, so time for an evening in the picture box.

    Almost alone in the pool.
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    EPL30878.jpg di alfrjw, su Flickr

    Over there, ready for the fish
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    EPL30932.jpg di alfrjw, su Flickr

    On the road to Kandy, stop for the market
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    EPL30971.jpg di alfrjw, su Flickr

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    EPL30977.jpg di alfrjw, su Flickr

    But before, after a a day in the sun, heading indoors
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    EPL30952.jpg di alfrjw, su Flickr

    Not so cold after all.
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  2. aragorn1980

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    Aug 10, 2012
    Athens Greece
    Good set!
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  3. Alf, your best set yet!
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  4. RevBob

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    Jun 4, 2011
    NorthWestern PA
    Great set - love the monkeys!
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  5. Crdome

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    Sep 11, 2011
    West Central Indiana
    Fabulous Alf -Fabulous one of monkeys!
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  6. Pecos

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    Jan 20, 2013
    The Natural State
    Nice images. I really like the final sunset in black and white.
    Which lens did you use for the 2nd and 3rd images?
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  7. Alf

    Alf Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Mar 23, 2010
    Northeastern Tuscany
    The 40-150 R Olympus in #2 and the 45mm Olympus in #3 :)