"The Thread Code"


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Hi everyone, goodmorning, hope all is well at your side.
I can start a new thread (even two) but I'm not sure this will be appreciated by everyone. That's why I have decided not to do. Now I'm leaning back and start dreaming about my next camera.
Let's stay positive don't you agree.
Enjoy your weekend !:smile:


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Hi Herman - don't be discouraged - i've always liked your threads

New camera = I thinking about using an old camera more

I've just bought a negative scanner - old but good - I hope - i think

cost - £40 = US$60

Minolta Scan Dual 11 Neg Scanner AF-2820U USB - scans up to the equivalent of 10 megs digital - whatever that means - so it says on a review site

so I'm going to have a go and digitalising or is it digitising some of my old negatives and slides

If the results are good I may start to use my M6 once more

I did "enjoy my weekend" - but it's only Monday now - unless your weekends start early in The Netherlands!


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Hi Bill, thanks for your kind words.
We got Whit Monday (acc to google translator).
Congrats on your new scanner, I shall be looking forward to scanned work !
Bill, what you prefer, taking pictures with an analog camera or a digital camera ?
We got sunshine and blue skies, I hope you got same.


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Hey Herman, what is your dream for your new camera. Have you got any aspirations for something still being cooked or one thats already on the market?


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I have a dream.

An Olympus Pro PEN. Features it will have:

* Water resistant,
* have a tough polycarbonate and alloy body (rubber coated in places of course),
* a fold out LCD, knobs and dials for direct access to ISO, aperture, shutter speed, AF modes,
* built in IR remote (with the remote supplied in the box and not an option),
* about the same size as the current model

It will also be cheap and have some fast zooms and fast primes but in particular I want a compact, light 9-36mm f/2.8 constant aperture zoom with a mechanical focus ring and a filter size of no more than 62mm plus a 17mm f/1.4 for the times you want something a bit more compact.

Seems fair enough.


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I would like split screen focusing - just like my Canon A1 - then I could have a ball with my FD lenses


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I dubbed you the "Image Stimulator" some time back. I feel that you stimulate people to USE their cameras not just help acquire them.
So, get back to work...we all need stimulation and your elected....

Richard W

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Please don't stop posting your image threads Herman.

Your enthusiasm is what helps to make this a great forum.

I enjoy looking at them even if I can't contribute.


Brian S

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Okay- I'm really confused and do not understand this thread.

On a lot of photo forums, if the original Poster wants other members to post images to a topic, they usually start with

W/NW "photographic topic here"

as an invitation to others to post. I think that started on photo.net, at least that is where I first saw it.

Sometimes the Original Poster just wants to show an image that they are proud of, and just lists it for display on its own.

I have not seen many threads starting with W/NW on mu-43, but maybe it is a good time to start.


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I think the real issue is that Herman feels somewhat uneasy about posting threads.
The reason is that many threads were actually in the wrong place. So, it's time to get a fresh start and keep things a little more organized.
I think Herman's threads inspire people to make images. That's all that matters to me.
So, I would like him to continue and it seems that many others feel the same way....

That there is about the size of it.....


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Go, Herman, go. I too enjoy your threads, and also your images. The "From a Mountain" landscape you posted is one of my half-dozen favorites from the hundreds I've seen on mu-43, and that amounts to some stiff competition!

Good work.


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Help Herman

Hi everyone, I was unable to post my personal story to my thread : "The Thread Code". Strange. I tried for over an hour...but I did not succeed.
Comments and advice are welcome, thanks in advance !

Amin Sabet

Herman, I'm glad to see you starting some threads today :2thumbs:.

I can speak for all of the mod team in saying that we love having you as a member and appreciate all your contributions to this site.

I hope that my earlier PM to you, which I think was the reason you started this thread, can be taken in the spirit offered. As Don said, the primary issue was in the location of the threads (posting in the appropriate category).