The Real Pen F Digital Incarnation

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    Nov 12, 2010
    NJ, USA not the E-P5, but the GX7. I went back and forth between two great deals over the last week: a slightly used black E-P5 body with the VF-4 on the 'Bay, and a used silver and black GX7 on Amazon. I finally went with the GX7, in large part because I felt it was a much better modern day interpretation of the classic Olympus Pen F that I really love. Yes, Olympus has a much better build and even uses the original Olympus Pen font from the 60s-era half frame film camera, but the built in EVF on the GX7 and the very snug fit in my smallish hands, given the nice grip, make it feel very much like my beloved Pen F. Focus peaking/magnification have made it a joy to use my legacy Pen F lenses, as well as my old Leica and Olympus OM glass.

    I've owned two Pannys previously, the original G1 and the G2, but only for a few weeks each time. I could never really bond with their look and feel (too much like mini DSLRs, didn't like their built-in EVFs). so I stuck with my digital Pens and the VF-2. The GX7, however, will probably be a keeper. I plan to use it for legacy glass and videos, while the E-M5, my OM-1 digital reincarnation, is for events, nature and aviation shooting with longer zooms. My trusty E-PL3 will probably have to go soon....

    A few shots with the Olympus Pen-F 38mm f1.8.





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