The rain has returned to our rainforest

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    Oct 28, 2013
    Tasmania, Australia
    It's been terribly dry down here in Tasmania and water levels are critical. Even for us who are lucky enough to have our own little patch of rain forest it's been dryer than I can remember. The only real rain we had a little while ago caused havoc, washed away roads and what not and then nothing. Last week we got some decent rain and the plants and animals (us included) loved it :) We spent the other day in the clouds so I got some snaps. Enjoy.

    26921199325_46691b258d_k. Man Fern by Tassie Fig, on Flickr

    26921204395_1e836d77f0_k. Wet by Tassie Fig, on Flickr

    26921201435_6e35dcf73a_k. Tre by Tassie Fig, on Flickr

    26921196555_0320072497_k. Misty day by Tassie Fig, on Flickr

    26887890786_e2293c379b_k. Pearls by Tassie Fig, on Flickr

    26853914051_22d4e138bb_k. Jewels by Tassie Fig, on Flickr

    26827776882_ef87e7299a_k. Tree layers by Tassie Fig, on Flickr
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    Jun 20, 2014
    Who doesn't love a nice big tree fern? :D
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