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    I got my ZD 150mm ƒ2.0 about 16 months ago and in that time I have made some really amazing photographs with it. The lens has proven to be one of the best I have ever used with respects to the images it produces, and it's incredibly versatile with it's ability to use both TC's. I am not just talking about it's sharpness, but in the way that it renders the subject and makes it pop from the background. You combine that ability with the absolutely beautiful bokeh and you have a lens that is capable of such beautiful photographs. This lens far exceeds my ability as a photographer and I am grateful to own it and use it to push myself to live up the reputation of the lens.

    I know this image may not appeal to everyone but there is just something about it that speaks to me. It is not often that I create an image that just captivates me as this one has. I have had many conversations with a friend about taking wildlife photographs and he is always telling me I need to shoot more landscape. It is not that I don't enjoy landscape photography, but given the choice between watching the sunrise to get a photograph or hunkering down in the swamp waiting for the elusive Bobcat to come by while getting eaten alive by mosquitos...........I will take the 2% chance of seeing the Bobcat while feeding the entire mosquito population over the sunrise shot. Ok, a lot of my friends get that about me.....but they say..........."while out shooting animals you have to see cool landscape or other scenes to shoot".

    I honestly do not notice anything else. The few landscape type shots I have taken while out shooting wildlife have been because someone I happen to be with was taking one. Then I always seem to do it differently and figure out how to take it with my telephoto. The thing is, when out there I am so focused on the wildlife. My mind is like this one track thing and all it can do is search out any living animal to observe and photograph. Not to mention there are dangerous animals in the swamps here, so I tend to keep my eyes peeled and head on a swivel looking for them. Not so much because I am worried about getting bitten, but because I want to photograph it a 6 foot Cottonmouth or a 12 foot American Alligator.

    If nothing else this photograph is a perfect example of how I see the world while in the swamp, Everything is just a blur except that animal.........only that's all I can see...........nothing else but that new subject............the one I am going to watch and observe for as long as it will allow me the privilege of being part of it's life.

    Zoned In
    by RRcoleJR Photography, on Flickr

    I am really happy with the way this turned out. Not only does it really express how I see when in the swamp, it came out just as I envisioned it. I found a bunch of baby gators (the story will be available soon in a post near you, need to finish going thru all the shots and editing them) and I noticed this one back in among the grass growing in the water. As I laid down at the edge of the water this is exactly what I saw looking thru the viewfinder. Everything was just a blur and all I saw was the baby gator floating there in the water. So many times I see something in my head in how I think the photograph will come out only to be disappointed afterwards. This is one of those times that everything just came together and I could not be happier.

    I also don't believe this shot would be possible with any other lens then the ZD 150mm ƒ2.0 and a little bit of luck. At 21 feet away the DoF at ƒ2.0 is about 4.4 inches, which is probably a little longer then the gators head. So it allowed me to get just the head in focus and the luck was that there is nothing else in the focal plane to be in focus, this really helps make the gator pop out. While some other lenses could give you close to the DoF (the 40-150 would be pretty close when shot wide-open), none can compete with the Bokeh of the 150/2. Getting closer would not have been an option and the bank would prevent moving farther away, so it was also the perfect focal length for the spot.

    Anyways, I was really happy with this photograph for a number of reason and decided to share my excitement and story with you.

    Edit - Full resolution available on my Flickr account.
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    Dawid Loubser
    Such a lovely, captivating image. You are justified in being very proud of it.
    I have the 35-100mm f/2.0, and hope to one day add a 150mm f/2.0 - such a stunner of a lens. Enjoy!
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    Thank you, I appreciate the comment. I hope to add the 35-100 f2.0 to my bag, actually want all the f2.0 zooms as well as the 300/2.8 and 90-250/2.8 :biggrin: