The Photographer's Ephemeris

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    A few months ago I ran across a tool that I found interesting. It’s called the Photographer’s Ephemeris and I haven’t seen it discussed here, so I thought I’d pass along in case others might find it useful. An ephemeris is a tool that gives the position of astronomical objects. The Photographer’s Ephemeris works with Google Maps, allowing you to enter any location to get data and a graphic diagram of sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset. It also tells you the moon phase, % illumination, elevation, azimuth, and more. If you want to know when the sun will be setting over a particular harbor and from what direction, the Photographer’s Ephemeris will show you.

    The Photographer's Ephemeris is available to download for free.
    The Photographer's Ephemeris | Plan your shoot

    I found it helpful for planning shots even before leaving home for vacation. We rented a house on the beach at Cape Hatteras and I wanted to get a shot of the moon over the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. The Photographer’s Ephemeris told me that it would happen on Wednesday of our vacation at around 5:30 AM. As it turned out I overslept, but I did grab a quick shot out of the kitchen window of our rental home just to show that it does work. This was taken at 5:45 AM, sorry about the reflections in the window.

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    Very nice Judy,

    Already D/L to my Mac BookPro. I'll do my iPhone tomorrow. Good one! Thanks for sharing..