The Perfect Lighting Equipment Bags

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    Like camera bags I have been searching for the perfect lighting equipment bags for about 10 years! I’ve now purchased a 2nd Strobius bag getting me very close if not perfect.

    Both bags are quality items and excellent construction with unique features found in no other bags, making them more useful and flexible in the use than other bags. The photos below are from I made one order through their store front and the other through eBay. These items are from the Ukraine and they cleared Customs in the U.S. without issue or fees.

    Between these two bags I can carry a little, to a lot of gear for location shooting very easily and can handle all but my largest or most complicated shoots.

    I’m highly recommending these bags. BTW, they have smaller bags if that may fit your situation better, but I opted for the larger bags to give more flexibility.

    The Strobius Basic 110 easily fits four 45in (91.5cm) long items like Manfrotto 1004BAC 12’ stands with mounted umbrella adapters in the bag (or smaller like the Manfrotto 1005BAC 9' stands) or light modifiers.

    Unique to this bag is that there is Velcro on the outside edges of the two outside pockets making it easy to insert and retrieve items like flash units.


    The Strobius-Deluxe-SM-65 is a much smaller bag, the pockets on each side can handle 4 larger flashes units per pockets (FL-50r or Youngnuo YN560IV) leaving the other pocket for all sorts of various gear like syncs or whatever. The center section can handle up to three Manfrotto Nano stands with umbrella adapters attached, or the like along with some light modifiers (umbrellas) in their own pockets. If needed Items can be longer than 2.1 ft. and they may just stick up above bag – with the bag still be very easy to carry. I did put in one Manfrotto 1005BAC 9' stands when I've needed it.
    • Height: 65 cm (2.1 ft)
    • Pocket length: 50 cm (1.6 ft)
    • Pocket width: 14 cm (0.4 ft)
    • Pocket depths: 6.5 cm (0.2 ft)
    • Net weight – 900 g (1.98 lbs)
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