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Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by oldschoolcq, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. oldschoolcq

    oldschoolcq New to Mu-43

    Sep 16, 2016
    Hello, newbie here. Gary is my name. Warmest regards..

    Noticed tonight that the OM-D E-M10 camera can be had for $399 on Amazon now. I am quite new to the OMD and noted that it is much smaller than the E-300 I have now. Is the E-300 a "micro" 4/3? Is that the difference in the size camera and lens? I love the reviews on preview and will likely get this camera in the near future. Are there any comments as to a good macro lens, or a news that doubles as a macro? Love crystal clear close up work.
  2. Nathanael

    Nathanael Mu-43 Veteran

    Oct 12, 2015
    The E-M10 is a good camera, and since it's a few years old now the price has fallen quite a bit, making it a pretty good value as well.

    Your E-300 is a "regular" 4/3 camera. It is a SLR, which basically means it has a flapping mirror between the lens and the sensor, just like an old film SLR or modern Canon/Nikon DSLR.

    The new "micro" 4/3 line of cameras gets rid of the mirror and instead the light goes straight from the lens to the sensor. In order to frame and compose your shots, the sensor does a continuous live read-out which is sent to the LCD display on the back, as well as a tiny display in the eye-piece (imitating the viewfinder+mirror of a SLR).

    The new "micro" 4/3 cameras refers to all cameras with the 4/3 size sensor (same as your E-300) that have no mirror. Usually they are physically smaller, but not by definition. The important thing is the lens design is changed, meaning you will need an adapter if you want to use the lenses from your E-300 on the E-M10. You can also buy new "micro 4/3" lenses, of which there is a wide selection.

    Olympus makes a good 60mm macro lens for micro 4/3, if you're looking for "true" (1:1) macro.

    Good luck, thanks for posting :) 
  3. oldschoolcq

    oldschoolcq New to Mu-43

    Sep 16, 2016
    Thank you Nathanael. Also; What is the biggest advantage of the micro 4/3 in your opinion?
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  4. barry13

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    Mar 7, 2014
    Southern California
    Hi, Which lenses do you have?

    Many of the 4/3 lenses only autofocus well on the E-M1 (which has been on sale recently for $699-899USD, new.
    And the forthcoming E-M1 II.
  5. oldschoolcq

    oldschoolcq New to Mu-43

    Sep 16, 2016
    I have sold off everything but my Oly e-300 and its kit Zuiko 14-45.
  6. TheMenWhoDrawSheeps

    TheMenWhoDrawSheeps Mu-43 Veteran

    Jun 15, 2016
    Size especially with prime lenses, worlss best ibis, and many Software Features like live composite focus bracketing, etc.
    Keep in mind some Features exclusively high end body.

    Now with canon m5 coming out, the edges in slr World are even more blurred - aps-c Sensor, ibis, bigger lenses though.

    But in pricerange of 400$ EM10 is a solid choice.

    Now macro -
    Oly has 60mm and now 30mm coming out, those lenses are certainly top notch, and you could easily use such Features as focus bracketing, etc.
    there are many manual techniques which might give you same results -

    like buying old cheap primes from any manufacturer and Extetion tubes or belows.
    Or reversing those manual lenses by Reversal rings or retro Adapters.
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  7. lchien

    lchien Mu-43 Veteran

    Aug 7, 2014
    Oldschool Gary, the EM10 is actually a couple of years old, the current model E-M10 II is current. They are micro four thirds M43 M4/3, or MFT. Sensor is the same size, a crop factor of 2 remains (focal length multiplier to give the 35mm film camera equivalent FOV)
    The E-M10 to II is not that much different making the sell off of M10 inventory a good deal.
    The M43 system has much thinner body compared to the E300 due to the lack of mirrorbox. Substantailly smaller feeling.
    There is no optical view but a live EVF viewfinder that is adequate to me. Some say its got a little lag. Action shooting might be a little tougher but then just turn on the 10 shot per second continuous mode.
    In-body 3-axis optical stabilization is pretty good. THe autofocus I think will be much faster than the E300.
    43 system lenses can be used with an adapter but since you only have one lens the new lens will probably be worth it. M43 lenses (called M.ZUiko) are going to be lighter and smaller and faster focusing.
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