The Mantis That Came for Lunch


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Oct 29, 2018
Charente Maritime, western France
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A call from upstairs alerted me - daughter no.3 had a mantis on her bedroom window, just above the wisteria, still green and full of life. I took the G6 and some gear upstairs and spent a happy 15 minutes with her mantis, opening the window and getting close and personal. These wonderful insects are not normally bashful, and seem to enjoy the attention whenever I've found them before. I think this was a gravid female, judging by her rotundness - it's the time of year that they like to deposit eggs in the most unlikely of places.
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Just when I was packing up, she slid along the ledge, made a sudden snap forward into the wisteria and came up backwards with a green shieldbug, which she then proceeded to devour in front of me.
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I forgot about cutting the lawn and cleaning the chicken house - this was a one in a million chance. I rattled off a couple of hundred frames (I find it very difficult to get these insects' eyes in focus and was hedging my bets), alternating between the Panasonic 30mm macro and the Sigma 60 with the Olympus MCON P02 attached. I have never had much luck with this close-up lens but it seemed to like the light, and stopped down it produced better pictures than the Panny, or so I thought. More experimentation is required.
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I left her eventually, closing the window on her perch on the safety railing, from which she seemed to be surveying her domain in the last of the sun.
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Hope you enjoyed the photos. I certainly enjoyed the opportunity to take them :D

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